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Take Up Your Cross November 16th 2014

Are you wallowing in pride with god or seeking God and righteousness?

The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts. (Psalms 10:4 KJV)

Pride closes spiritual doors; slamming them closed tight.  The matter of pride is in direct conflict or opposition to humility and the spiritual things of God.  Those who operate in pride are at home and comfortable in the darkness of this evil world; enjoying the ungodly works of darkness as they dwell upon this earth.  Pride operates by barricading itself in the depths of the willing mind seeping downward into the crevices of the darkened heart and accumulating debris and dirt of this world into the very center or seat of mankind’s will and emotions.  Pride leads to a spiritual downfall causing a person to dwell, or inhabit the wide avenue of life amid chaos and confusion at the direction of the god of this world who desires for man to feel comfortable or “at home” in this world.

The things of God, on the other hand are orchestrated by selflessness, humility, and meekness all godly character traits pointing to the holiness of God, not upon self or evil works of this world.  Righteousness produces a bountiful harvest of fruits of the spirit.  Those who are driven by godly traits are sojourning in this world on a temporary basis awaiting Christ’s return; or their arrival in heaven immediately upon succumbing to their physical death.

The god of this world continually assaults and barrage the mindset of man; both saved and the natural man, but God places the seal of the Holy Spirit upon the quickened mind; sealing it from spiritual invasion from works of darkness.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearAre you dwelling upon this earth living a life filled with darkness and pride following the god of this world?  Or are you sojourning on earth, living righteous, desiring for the day you will be with God in the eternal realm?

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