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Take Up Your Cross November17th 2014

Evil has been defeated; those who insist upon living wickedly will face God’s wrath.

God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day. If he turn not, he will whet his sword; he hath bent his bow, and made it ready. (Psalms 7:11-12 KJV)

God cannot have anything to do with evil or wickedness.  God is holy and in Him no darkness can reside.  God must judge all unrighteousness.  Those who insist upon living in wickedness and darkness must expect God’s hammer of wrath to fall upon them now and in the eternal realm to come according to His will.

Sometimes upon this earth it may seem as if evil is left to reign unchecked. Making it appear like evil is winning and overcoming the goodness of God.  Nothing is further from the truth.  God, through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ upon the cross, already secured victory over all evil.  Evil works may appear to be reigning upon the earth; but God is in control of all things upon the earth and in the heavenly realm since the beginning of time.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearGod always has the upper hand against evil.  It is under His control and He can use it to bring about good; according to His will and way.  God will judge all wickedness with His great wrath in the eternal realm.

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