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Take Up Your Cross October 28th 2014

The hand of God is always in the details.

Now therefore, if it seem good to the king, let there be search made in the king’s treasure house, which is there at Babylon, whether it be so, that a decree was made of Cyrus the king to build this house of God at Jerusalem, and let the king send his pleasure to us concerning this matter. (Ezra 5:17 KJV)

Then Darius the king made a decree, and search was made in the house of the rolls, where the treasures were laid up in Babylon. And there was found at Achmetha, in the palace that is in the province of the Medes, a roll, and therein was a record thus written: (Ezra 6:1-2 KJV)

A letter was delivered inquiring of whether it had been officially decreed the temple of God be built in Jerusalem.  This is an example of requesting formal or written proof that the building of the temple had been officially set in motion by writing the decree on a scroll and into effect.

This is like contacting our government officials today.  Because they work for the people, and not themselves, they should be compelled to give an answer to their constituents whom they represent.  Today’s political climate, because of corruption and greed, often inhibits some government officials from properly answering the people they work for.  Often officials resort to delaying or refraining from supplying answers to questions from the people they serve.  Official laws like The Sunshine Laws have been written for the protection of the people’s liberty in asking for information to be made public. Not all politicians would welcome such a letter, as this king operated, in full favor or in accordance to answering those people who were confronting the authority of the Jews to build such a temple.

Such a document was found by King Darius, his successor, which had recorded King Cyrus allowing permission given to construct the temple.  This record was found in seemingly quite easy fashion.  Oftentimes in government recordkeeping today mass e-mail collections or digital and paper files end up unreadable, missing, or inadvertently destroyed; leaving the public without a proper trail of recordkeeping when following an important or notable event or circumstance and having further inquiries or questions concerning it.  King Cyrus did have success in finding the details of this temple building project when questions were asked regarding it.

God’s divine hand must have been firmly planted in the process of finding the scroll containing this important information as it was necessary for uninterrupted progress to continue in the building the temple of God in the specific manner and fashion in which the decree of the king included intimate details of how the project was required from God to be constructed.  The building of the Temple of God was a major building project in these biblical times.  Like building the ark for Noah or the Ark of the Covenant; each came with very specific instructions handed down by God.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearGod’s hand is always in the fine details of building projects, government leaders, and events in this world even if it seems He is not involved at all His signature is stamped upon the blueprints according to His will and way.

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