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Take Up Your Cross October 30th 2014

Have you seen the supernatural power of God’s right arm first hand?

Now know I that the LORD saveth his anointed; he will hear him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand. (Psalms 20:6 KJV)

Have you really given much thought about the mighty power of the right hand of God?  Or the supernatural working of His divine hearing that He can hear clearly each and every heartfelt cry and prayer as His people cry out from the valleys and upon the mountain tops of the earth and their cries reach unto the heavens where He sits is upon His throne.

The author of this Psalm experienced the deliverance of God often in his own life; as did many biblical saints.  The Israelites experienced firsthand many times upon their long journey His mighty power and supernatural hearing.  They cried out unto God for physical needs; often whining about unpleasant circumstances they faced as they marched upon this long journey through the desert.  The Israelites had received many answered prayers from God.  They had been given manna, shoes that did not wear out, water from a rock, quail, guidance in the daylight and protection in the darkness, and when pursued relentlessly by the Egyptians they were sore afraid, expecting to physically die at the hand of the Egyptian army surrounded by such an impenetrable obstacle preventing their escape from the Egyptians.

But God provided a way of escape from this Egyptian army.  A natural obstacle precluding them from continuing upon their escape route was the Red Sea.  But God provided a way upon dry ground to cross over this looming obstacle.  God raised His might right arm to separate the waters providing a pathway upon dry ground for their crossing.  Secondly He closed up this supernatural escape route before the Egyptians could complete a mad dash across the sea in pursuit of their enemy leaving them stranded and flailing in the waters of the sea.  The water was released back to its original state at the mighty hand of God; drowning the Egyptian army in the mighty rush of an enormous wall of water of the sea.  It must have been similar to a huge wave of a tsunami which has happened in recent history.

God still works supernaturally today. Contemplate upon “But God” circumstances in your own life where He has heard your cry and lifted His right arm of strength  providing a safe pathway for you when the way forward seemed littered with obstacles and a spiritual mine field looming upon the near horizon.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearGod envelopes His spiritual family upon all sides as they sojourn upon this earth along His pathway through the wilderness to an eternal state with Him; lifting His right arm according to His will as we cry out to Him.


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