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Take Up Your Cross October 3rd 2015

Are you a door keeper for God or perched on a precarious rung aligned with the god of this world?

For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. (Psalms 84:10 KJV)

This Psalmist is stating in this scripture verse that even the lowliest job in the house of God was better than trying to be productive while standing outside of God’s temple in the darkness of this world. Often the world elevates mankind by how many rungs of the ladder he has successfully climbed, along with titles, doctorates, and positions multiplying even more weight.  Often mankind fails to see any glimmer of success in the lives of those who appear, from the world’s standards, to occupy the dark and dingy bottom rung of life’s ladder.

God desires spiritual success in the lives of those who are in a personal fellowship with Him.  In ancient times the Levites were assigned by God to be in charge of His temple and the entire line of priests came or descended from the line of Aaron.  While not all the Levite men could be priests they were all given various jobs, with all positions collectively necessary in keeping God’s temple in proper functioning order.  Men of all tribes occupied God’s spiritual ladder from the top to the very bottom rung with all positions deemed spiritually important and necessary.

Whether you occupy what seems to be a low position of importance, or stand in what appears to be in a higher position of importance in God’s spiritual family, it is vital to understand God needs all persons operating as stewards of His grace and mercy.  He does not divide His spiritual kingdom by levels of importance or levels of worth as the world’s system precariously tries to balance itself upon.

All positions in God’s spiritual kingdom are equally important in working together to accomplishing His will.  The door keeper of the temple was as important as another Levite chosen to polish the various utensils, as was the priest who came before God on behalf of all people to offer sacrifices for sin.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearAny place man finds himself occupying in God’s eternal Kingdom is eternally important and worthwhile, especially when tested against those who are vacillating outside of God’s Kingdom in wobbly fellowship on worldly rungs of success, being aligned in darkness with the god of this world.

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