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Take Up Your Cross October 7th 2014

What spiritual highlights “dot” the landscape of your life?

God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect. (2 Samuel 22:33 KJV)   

David is giving praise and glory to God in this scripture verse.  David had many reasons to sing and give thanks and honor unto God.  He had many personal experiences in life of the powerful and mighty hand of God had working; even in times when he was not looking unto God, but rather unto himself and to things of the world.

David was recalling, in his old age, the many spiritual triumphs in his life through the working of God in circumstances that were not always favorable or honoring to God; including running away from Saul who wanted to kill him, the encounter with Goliath, being in the midst of hungry lions in the den, the sinful liaison with Bathsheba leading to murder, and other times David was treading upon shaky ground and making choices that were in rebellion to the things of God.  Through many spiritual skirmishes and wars David had been involved in over the years; God had protected him, allowing David to live and serve; even with many times of personal failure and weakness dotting the course of his life upon this earth.  God was good to David; paving his course by showing love, mercy, and grace in contrast to a hopeless helpless sinner.  David was born a sinner; just like you and me.

David recalled a short “mind movie” of events in his life playing upon the big screen of his memory lifting up praises and glory to God for many circumstances he was able to recall where God had impacted his life making a big spiritual difference in how the events unfolded.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearWhat spiritual events and circumstances play upon the screen in your mind displaying highlights of the mighty hand of God working in your life?  We all have many reasons in life to sing praises to God for paving the pathway in front of us perfectly.


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