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Take Up Your Cross September 19th 2015

God’s Word whitens, brightens, and makes straight man’s life.

Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. (John 15:3 KJV)

God’s Word has spiritual detergent properties that work to clean and sanitize man’s mind and heart.  Man is naturally sinful from birth and in need of cleaning by God’s Word from the start of his life.  However, God will not come into man’s life without being personally invited in.

Man is incessantly brainwashed and mentally conditioned by the god of this world coyly filled with all sorts of evil, wickedness, strife, and division in a covert fashion.  The devil’s work is always concealed or buried in apparent good: including being frosted with love, tolerance, and forbearance.  These issues seem to make spiritual sense as viewed through the lens of this world but are far removed from the light and truth of God’s Word as seen through His holy lens.

The devil’s mode of spreading spiritual dirt is hard to see at first, but becomes more and more apparent over time and as the dirt and debris accumulate clouding over or minimizing the eternal goodness of God.  Hearing God’s Word and allowing it to trickle into your heart and mind is the antidote or detergent for this dirty dilemma.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearGod desires to whitewash your heart and mind with His Word.  It is the only cure for what spiritually ails your heart and mind from the accumulation of dirt and debris from the god of this world.

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