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Take Up Your Cross September 22nd 2015

What or who occupies the center of your life?

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. (Exodus 20:3 KJV)

This is a short but precise commandment by God.  “No other gods before me…” with a lower case “g” which indicates placing nothing other than God in first place in your life.  That means that God is to come before any other thing in your life including family, job, careers, money, or whatever you may allow to creep into first place in your life as you push God from occupying the front and center position operating at the helm of your life.

Yes, there are many things that mankind naturally yearns to place first in importance before the holy things of God.  This is something you and I will struggle against as we sojourn upon this dark and wicked earth.  Our fleshly desires war or fight against spiritual things that God has in His will for our lives as an inner spiritual war takes place in our hearts and minds.  Often we face combat and hand to hand fighting against our own fleshly desires as we sojourn in this world.

Yes, through placing faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ God has made it possible for all mankind to live in victory.  However, mankind often chooses to forfeit his sure spiritual victory with God for temporary fleshly ventures which ultimately lead to spiritual destruction with tepid spiritual temperature for the spiritual things of God.

God deserves first place in our life because He did not hesitate to place His Son Jesus as a substitution for us to suffer death so that we could have new spiritual life now and forever more.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearIf we fail to place Him first in our life while we sojourn upon this earth we will not have close and intimate fellowship with God as we actively compromise His spiritual gift for the darkness of this world.


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