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Take Up Your Cross September 3rd 2015

Do you find great joy in assembling with other believers?

A Song of degrees of David. I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD. (Psalms 122:1 KJV)

David expressed great joy in coming to God’s house in this one hundred and twenty second Psalm.  The book of Psalms was an Old Testament song book filled with hymns and songs that the people of God sang in the temple giving honor and reverence to God.  David did not go to the house of God alone but gathered with others who shared in this joy.

Do you share in the pleasure David and others had in going to the house of the Lord?  Do you enter into His house filled with thanksgiving and blanketed in His great love?  God’s house is to be a temple of joy where God’s people come to gather in like-mindedness all for the glory and honor of the Lord.  It is a sacred place to assemble together in recognition of God; not for the purpose of lifting up man.  Church is a place to revel in the glory, holiness, and perfection of God.  It should be a joy for all who profess faith in God to come unto His house rather than attending out of a sense of duty or obligation.  It is a piece of heaven as man sojourns upon this dark and dreary earth.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearIf man does not yearn and desire to come to God’s house on this earth why would man desire to attend a righteous and joyful celebration around His temple forevermore in the heavenly realm?


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