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Take Up Your Cross September 5th 2015

Can you see God’s supernatural power at work in this world?

And he said unto them, How is it that ye do not understand? (Mark 8:21 KJV)

The disciples had just witnesses a miracle.  They had been out in the middle of nowhere without any easy answers as to how to feed the large crowd of hungry people who had gathered to follow Jesus as He taught and preached to them.  The disciples became anxious at the thought of providing a meal for these hungry people without any known resources at hand.  They desired that Jesus send the people away leaving them to fend for themselves rather than them being straddled with the responsibility to feed this great number of people.

Jesus sent the disciples to find an answer to this dilemma refusing to send the people away. Jesus miraculously provided a meal from a stale piece of bread and one fish that was found among the crowd.  These scraps alone did not seem like something that could be used to feed a large crowd but along with the supernatural power of Jesus it was more than enough.  The people were filled both spiritually and physically through the miraculous feeding from Jesus with baskets of scraps leftover!

The disciples were still in awe of the way Jesus provided for this large crowd.  Jesus saw the surprise in their eyes and the disbelief rustling in their heart of the miracle that had just taken place and He asked “How is it that ye do not understand?” 

Jesus was amazed that even His own disciples were perplexed at His miracle working power.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearCan you see the miracle power of God working in your life or the lives of others?  Or has your spiritual vision been compromised or dimmed amidst the darkness and wickedness of this world? 

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