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Tell me where thou feedest, thou Whom I Love

Preserved Words Bible Studies a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Song of Solomon

Tell me where thou feedest, thou Whom I Love

Song 1:7 Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon: for why should I be as one that turneth aside

by the flocks of thy companions?

   In this verse, she is not asking where Solomon eats meals. She is asking, to know, where he “feeds.” Remember, Solomon went dressed as a lowly shepherd. She is asking where he feeds his flock. This is most instructive, and most prophetic. (Look at Isaiah 40:11 and John 10. Then I want you to read Ps. 23) It was a big thing in those days finding good pasture, water and shade!

    First, she wants to be near him, even in the field. Next, she believes he knows where the best pastures are, where the water is, and will protect his sheep, and her. Third, she mentions giving them rest at noon, which is reported to be the hottest part of the day. The sheep could die from the heat. This little Shulamite girl has good sound doctrine, and she didn’t even know it!

   Note our first point. She wants to follow him, and be with him, even in the field of labor. Can you feel the strength of her feelings, AND her actions? I think she teaches us. I also think she convicts us. She LOVES him! See it?  “O thou whom my soul loveth” This was not surface love. It was for sure not action-less love. It was also not timid love. Can we say… DO we say, to Christ Jesus, what she said to Solomon, who was a type of Christ? I know you think I am harping on this point, but there are so many instances of her words to him, that they scream out to us today about our relationship with the risen Christ! Here, she is expressing her love to him as the shepherd, and she is NOT SHY about using strong words of love! SOUL DEEP love! She was GONE in love with him!

  She is not one bit ashamed, shy, bashful, timid, or restrained! Not one bit. She is not ashamed to tell him, and she doesn’t hold back in front of others, either. Where are we in all of this? To her, he is it. He is worth everything good and loving that she can say. I wonder how Jesus sees us? I really wonder… and wonder why we are so afraid?

   I want you take your journal, and write down what you see in her expression of love here. As I have used words above of what she is NOT, I want you to put some of your own down. (She is NOT________, but she IS ___________.)

    Now, notice the use of the word “thou.” Whenever you see that word, it is always singular. It isn’t him, and maybe someone else. It isn’t him and several others. She wants to follow him, and be with him, where he feeds! She says, THOU. Her heart, and eyes, and mouth are toward him, and him alone. That whole expression, “thou whom my soul loveth,” is more powerful than I have words for. She didn’t say, tell me shepherd man. She didn’t say, hey buddy, where do you feed your herd. I am SICK of these modern versions that have taken out the “old, archaic,” thee and thou. There is POWER and PURPOSE OF HEART in those words. They came when the English language was at it’s zenith of purity and power. We don’t need God’s Words, changed to Americanized, westernized slang or street language. God, Jesus, and His Words are worth far more than that. She didn’t say, point me in the right direction either. This was personal, purposed, and powerful, and he knew it. Does Jesus know this… of us?- This way? Does He hear us ask where He feeds? Do we pray that before we read our Bible? I have asked before,  lead me to where you know I need to be. I pray, Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy word. We need to get back to seriousness in a lot of areas! She was bold! Specific.   Serious! Notice WHOM, too! Thou WHOM!

    Now, I want to go back to the “rest at noon,” part briefly. We can have a lot of times where the sun of the heat of a day, or a time, persecution, sorrow, or fear, is literally burning our brain. WE NEED those rest areas, and HE alone knows just where they are in every situation. But… do we ASK Him? I refer you back again to Psalm 23 and John 10. I sure am glad I have the Shepherd of souls looking out for rest areas, aren’t you? Think of Psalm 23 here. Recite it. Do you see it? Do we ask him? Seek Him? Trust Him? Seek only Him… as she did? Aha, a convicting question me thinks, for all of us! And, then do we THANK Him?

    Now we come to the last part of her words, and it is powerful. These words wrap together what she said before it. It is the logical conclusion of her heart and expression. It goes to the “other shepherd” thing. Do you see how this wraps it all together?

     First, she says “Why?” Why in the world would she ever THINK of following anyone else? Seeing how I feel, seeing how I see you, how I trust you, HOW I LOVE you… WHY, she says? My soul, this passage may be the strongest yet, or perhaps it is a mountain top among others in this book, that we have been led to so far. This is a MOUNTAIN, in the RANGE of mountains in this book. May I ask here, is this book getting a hold of your heart? Yeh, buddy! I sure pray it does. It sure has mine, and we aren’t anywhere near the 8th chapter. WE’RE still in the FIRST chapter!

   Next, the only answer to the word “Why?” There IS no other one. There CAN BE no other one to her! Folks, She is SOLD OUT. SHE is GONE… IN LOVE! This shepherd, loves her despite her black appearance, despite her lowly position, and despite her lack of refinement. HE LOVES her, and SHE LOVES HIM. ANNNNNNNNNNNND THEY BOTH KNOW IT! I want you to stop here, and read the verse, and then write some words in your journal.

     I want you to write down, what you got out of this verse. Not what I said, but what HE gave you. OH, LORD, DRAW me! I know I seem to harp on some things, but do you ever pray that, for real? Why not? SHE did! Afraid?

   Next, we have to look at “why should I be as one…” She knows that there are others who WOULD turn and go after second or third best. SHE knows there are others who don’t think of him, like SHE does. She knows that there are others who have just brushed him off. O really? Really? And, she wanted HIM to tell her. There’s teaching there!

   She wants to be near HIS flock… and not someone else’s because she KNOWS he feeds best!  Did you get that? Think about those words a moment. For why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy companions? And, if thou dost not tell me, I shall now know, Lord!

  Her love was more intense than others, and her seeking was, too! SHE WANTED ONLY HIM, and man, she was going to be with him. Are we that way? I think you would have seen electricity in her eyes, for there sure was in her words and actions. And, she did this in the face of all her brothers might do to her! She was GONE in love!

O my soul, dost thou, my soul, feel this same way

about the Lover of thy soul?

   Dost thou express thyself the same way?

Dost thou hold back?

Dost thou have more faith and trust in another?

Dost thou seek another?

O my soul, art thou moved at all by the words…

of a little Shulamite girl almost 3,000 years ago?

Do her words put thee to shame, O my soul?

My soul, say only as she said…..

Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon:

for why should I be as one that turneth aside

by the flocks of thy companions?

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