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That Light

May 24, 2020

That Light

John 1:9 (KJB) That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

This verse presents a theological conundrum for some laypersons and Bible scholars alike.  Why, because this verse states the true Light (notice the capitalization of the word light here) lights every man that enters this world.  Many will attempt to reason that if God’s light rests on every soul, then every person is saved the very moment he or she is born into this wicked world.

Not so fast here, though this explanation may seem plausible.  It lies far from the truth presented in the entire canon of God’s Word.  To understand it in such a deceptive fashion, one must slice and dice God’s Truth up into little pieces.  However, when a person compares scripture to scripture and applies the proper context, we can comprehend that God gave each soul the potential to be eternally saved.  The spiritual wick is present upon physical birth. However, God must light it.

Think of salvation as a candle that must be lighted by God.

To turn on the light of salvation in a soul, one must choose to humble him or herself towards God and to agree with Him about the nature of sin and death.  Each saved soul must be spiritually regenerated in the heart of the matter.  In other words, without the spiritual presence of God at work in the center, the salvation of a soul has not taken place.

The salvation of a soul is never intended to be a confusing matter; rather, it is simple when the truths of the Bible are understood and applied in agreement with God.

That Light of God is lit and never to be turned off, only upon genuine eternal salvation of a regenerated soul only accomplished by the heart work of God.

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