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The Absence of Light Creates Darkness

March 15, 2020

The Absence of Light Creates Darkness

Isaiah 45:7 (KJB) I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

God takes credit for both light and darkness.  Does this true statement confuse your thinking?  The presence of evil is a natural void of the presence of God.  You cannot have light without the presence of darkness or peace without hate working in this world.

I hope you understand that there is nothing cloudy about this statement above, and, more importantly,  the truth about light is found in this verse of scripture divinely breathed by God.  Yes, you can count on it; a remnant of God’s light shines in this world despite an often overwhelming presence of darkness, and both ends of the spiritual spectrum are of God.

The presence of evil is like a trash dump piling up in this world.  It catches our attention, making it harder for us to keep our focus on things of God.  As this rubbish pile grows, it may seem as if the presence and power of God are dwindling in retrospect.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

We are told not to give place to the devil.  Doing so allows satan, the god of this world, room to grow and mature in his darkness in an attempt to overthrow God from His throne.  Why?  Satan does not want any professing Christian to overlook the growing trash heap collecting in his or her life, leaving it to blow about in the wind of this world.

It boils down to the truth that satan loves darkness and God is the Light of the world.  Do not ever get darkness and light or peace and evil confused.

Collecting the world’s garbage can be a severe spiritual crisis of light for every professing child of God.  Bags of trash can be cleverly packed into the recesses of our lives and left to rot and overlooked or forgotten in the overall scope of life.  However, the leftover litter will erupt into a more severe matter when given a push or a poke from a contrary wind blowing from the god of this world.  God’s eternal light will always shine despite the darkness in this world.

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