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The Constant Ache of “Spiritual Angina”

The first in a new series aptly titled “Spiritually Fit Hearts”

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These devotional posts will descend below the surface leaping into the heart of God’s Word for His help in living a fit spiritual life.

After all, God clearly says spiritual health begins in the heart. (Proverbs 4:23)

These devotions will attempt to focus our attention on the importance of having “spiritual vitality” and sustaining a robust and fruitful walk with God rather than seeking things of the flesh.

1 Timothy 4:8-9 (KJB) For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.  This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation.

Angina, or more commonly known to man as chest pain, is one of many physical symptoms signaling a physically sick heart.  God designed our physical bodies with certain telltale indicators which “speak” to us about the general condition of our body and our heart health.  The onset of other “silent” symptoms or issues brewing in our blood and inside our organs and tissues can speak volumes to both scientists and medical professionals alike.  They can indicate the onset of various physical conditions and maladies an individual may not even be aware is happening inside his body.

Chest pain is one of the most common of chief complaints indicating there is something wrong with the heart.  Sometimes problematic and serious circumstances can present acutely, even without the presence of any classic signs or symptoms.  The commencement, or onset of chest pain, is important.  Does it present itself acutely, over a period of time, or is manifested with physical exertion or comes while the patient is a rest?  The appearance of other physical symptoms is possible.  Some of the more common complaints are diaphoresis, pain in the neck, jaw, left arm, back, or the feeling numbness, severe pressure, or tingling in the limbs, or perhaps a fluttering feeling or intense pounding in the chest.

Our heart is a big autonomous muscle.  Our heart continuously pumps, without any effort from us, moving blood around in our body.  This is precious life-giving blood which helps maintain vitals and works in step with our lungs to provide the fresh new precious air we breathe, and provides nutrients and eliminates toxins and chemicals out of our body.  Mankind must pay close attention the ongoing physical condition of his heart.  It is the center of his physical wellbeing.  If his heart ceases to beat, showing a flat line or asystole on the heart monitor, he is clinically dead.  While it is always possible a person can be “brought back to life” with access to a “crash cart” containing a variety of airways, IV supplies, an assortment of drugs including Nitroglycerine, epinephrine, sodium Bicarb, Atropine, Lidocaine, and many other lifesaving drugs necessary and helpful in preservation of life along with chest compressions, oxygen administered, and electrical shocks are delivered as necessary.  Bringing somebody back from the “brink of death” does not happen often as portrayed in movies and television.  When a heart fails to beat and respiratory arrest stops the lungs from taking in the precious air most often the necessary medical interventions cannot be administered quickly enough to be successful in bringing a person back to life who is found in the grip of death.  Advanced life support can save lives God willing.

Ultimately it is God who controls whether a person lives for another day or is pronounced dead.

While the physical health of man’s heart is important the state of a man’s spiritual heart condition is eternally significant.  Man’s spiritual health is of much greater importance than the condition and maintenance of his physical heart.  Sadly, many are more “in tune” to their physical state of health and frequently visiting the gym while ignoring the deadly condition of their spiritual health even choosing to turn their back towards things of God.  The state of man’s spiritual health is crucial, affecting the location of his permanent eternal address.  Having a robust spiritual heart is vital to the permanent setting of his heavenly address.  God has built mansions in heaven (John 14:6) but only for those people with vigorously alive regenerated spiritual hearts.  For individuals whose heart remains spiritually dead and riddled with spiritual disease, he will naturally emit the stink of death and be relocated to the fires of Hell district forevermore in the eternal realm.

Let’s begin to scrutinize spiritual heart disease a little deeper.  Physical heart disease can be broken down into three major problem areas: heart pump problems including low blood capacity, shock, and exsanguination, and the onset of various electrical malfunctions.  Such maladies, often serious in nature, ring true in manifestations of both physical and spiritual health.

Effects of diseases, injuries, or disorders affecting the health and quality of the heart:

Pump problems ultimately lead to failure to pump life-giving blood into the body.  Without the presence of blood, life cannot be sustained.  The same is true of the spiritual heart.  Without the life-giving presence of Jesus Christ in the heart of man, there is no living presence or “spiritual blood” in the heart.  Man’s heart is naturally dead and dormant upon physical birth into this dark world.  His only eternal hope is having a heart that is regenerated spiritually alive having the spiritual presence of God dwelling inside.  It is only the presence of God in the heart that gives spiritual life.

Capacity problems involve the amount or volume of life-giving blood pushed out from the heart into the physical body of mankind.  A person’s physical heart pump is hard at work but not able to process at optimum levels or push out the normal tidal volume or capacity of blood necessary to sustain and maintain his baseline physical vitals, including his heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, mental cognition, temperature of the body, the concentration of oxygen in his blood, and the presence of other pertinent physical attributes necessary to prevent shock and sustain human life.  Think of it as a “kink” in a man’s “spiritual hose” just as the presence of a bend in a water hose cuts off the supply of water.  Not having a continual flowing supply of biblical scripture cuts or kinks, man’s heart and mind off from the supernatural cleansing and maturing power which is found only in God’s Word.  This opens the door for worldly toxins and pollution to easily work their way into man’s ailing heart.

Mankind has an opportunity to languish upon the many truths presented both in nature and included in God’s Word but often chooses to ignore, brush off, or not to spiritually consume God’s vital truths.

Electrical malfunctions can permanently incapacitate the electrical power of the heart.  The physical heart of man is an electrical wonder.  It is divinely wired with complex circuitry that keeps the heart beating in perfect synchronization.  Harmony between calcium, potassium, and sodium levels  leads to a strong beat keeping physical vitals within a normal range promoting and preserving physical life.  However, when this multifaceted cellular level synchronization process sputters and sizzles the underlying physical health of man can suffer and perhaps even begin to “circle the drain.”  The electrical components of the physical heart drive every heartbeat of man.  Without these circuits in good working order man’s heart cannot beat fast enough (Bradycardia), or beats too fast (Tachycardia), or even quiver with Atrial Fibrillation, and other serious electrical issues often requiring further medical attention to address and repair.

Our body is quite remarkable.  When we man is physically fit the seven systems (the number of perfection) designed by God for the function of our bodies is divinely comprised with the purpose of them all running in sweet correlation.  However, when our physical health faces disarray our human machinery breaks down and our baseline vitals and well-being can quickly deteriorate.  This physical failure leads to an emergency, a time of ill health, perhaps a season of living in the valley of the shadow of death.  Or ultimately ushers in our physical death.

Spiritual angina, like chest pain, is a serious heart disorder that should render our immediate attention upon things of God, find us humbly in prayer, feast upon His Word, and to apply His Truth into our lives.  God’s Word contains the “Spiritual Nitroglycerine” necessary to propel the surrendered man further and further into the sweet arms or God for relief of his pain and misery.


Do you know that only God has the eternal cure for spiritual angina? Perpetual relief is found only in possessing a personal relationship with Him.  God’s Word is clear that His presence dwelling in regenerated heart and continual application of His Word takes care of your heart ills in this world and for all eternity.


**Please stay tuned for more posts in this new devotional series “Spiritually Fit Hearts.” These devotions will focus on the importance of both our physical and spiritual health, and discuss various maladies which can arise when we neglect to properly address and pay attention to our heart health, including both present and eternal ramifications.**





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