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The Deity Exposed to His Enemies

December 8th, 2017

The Deity Exposed to His Enemies

John 10:30 (KJB)   I and my Father are one.

This is a short verse packed with a powerful spiritual punch that Jesus Christ delivered squarely right “smack in the face” to his enemies.

Jesus Christ is speaking in this verse about Himself and His Father who is God.  He clearly is identifying Himself as one with God.  He is one and the same as God.  Jesus Christ and God are one or in unison in everything, including spiritual unity, in character, in perfection, and in supernatural power and presence.

This short verse powerfully equates Jesus Christ as one with God.  This certainly was not what His enemies desired to hear or believe about God and His Son Jesus Christ, but it is the absolute Truth and stands forever above the test of time.

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