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The Devil Pressures Us Away From God’s Green Pasture

November 27, 2021

The Devil Pressures Us Away From God’s Green Pasture

Psalm 23:2 (KJV) He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

I think about the tremendous pressure that a deep diver goes through to descend into the depths, and as he rises to the surface, the pressures change again.  Such incredible force met in the wrong timing can lead any diver to face the bends.  This condition is a severe health complication that any diver will face if his return to the water’s surface is completed in the wrong timing and manner, forcing carbon dioxide bubbles to remain in the lungs rather than exhaled away.

Humans, too, face incredible pressure from within and without.  Yes, this world and the god who runs it is a master at pressing and pressuring humanity. These demands and forces happen to lost and saved souls alike, often pushing a person to make rushed or rash decisions based on the here and now rather than trusting and waiting for God to change a challenging situation.  Hurried choices can lead a person to face further trials and troubles and move a person away from God’s green grass provided for comfort.

It is easy to say that we should be at peace with our thorns like the Apostle Paul.  However, that is often easier to think than to apply to difficulties in this life.  The most important thing any human can do is trust in God and wait on His timing as we remain amid thorny issues or resting comfortably in green pastures of life.

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