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The Law Condemns

June 29th, 2019

The Law Condemns

Romans 3:20 (KJB) Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.

Paul is pointing out to his Jewish audience that the Law of God is not for bringing justice to those who choose to break it.  The Law of God has always been for the express purpose of exposing the presence of sin.  That’s right, God’s law directly points to the natural ill spiritual heart condition of mankind.

However God’s Law it is not to be used in either extreme like a hammer for pummeling a sinner or as a comforting blanket in an attempt to cover his sin.

Boy does many people ever have it backward today.  Laws and regulations, whether they be from God or those written by mankind, are commonly twisted to tolerate something sinful.   The ever-changing culture of this world pushes for greater and greater diversity while God has always asked a man to divide himself away from sin and the wickedness of this world.

This push at work in this world is nothing more than a way of attempting to condone or decriminalize sin.  However, God’s law is not to be used in a twisted fashion for providing acceptance and comfort in making a choice to sin.  Even as new civil laws and regulations are continually established in this world giving favor to sin it does not change or eliminate the moral code that God founded in the beginning.

Did you get that?  The law of God was given expressly for exposing sin.  It is not to coddle sinners with arms wide open love and acceptance of their ungodly action or attitudes. Again, God did not introduce His Law to agree with the nature of sin but to supernaturally expose and acquaint mankind with the dark nature of sin so that he could choose to agree with God about the nature of sin.

Yes, God’s Law fillets sin and exposes it, like a mirror for condemning the sinner.  This unraveling of sin places a sinner spiritually naked before God and himself.  It allows each person to choose what he or she will do with their knowledge of sin.

Paul was setting these ancient men straight about the purpose and intentions of the Law of God.  Perhaps we need more Paul’s today to remind mankind that God’s Law and the expression of laws passed in this world are for condemning sin rather than cozying up to it.  The passing of various regulations codified in this world is most often with a bent towards accepting of sin rather than repudiating it.

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