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Psalm 23:1 (KJB) A Psalm of David. The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

In a modern mindset, a person might say that THE LORD as written in this verse of scripture screams as you read it. 


Because it is presented for us in all capital letters.  The New but informal language rule of the land is that no one resorts to using all capital letters unless they are screaming at another person.  This tactic is what is most often used for added intensity and drama in angry texts, posts, and other social media formats.  This is done to get one’s own ideas and opinions forcefully across to another.  This “language shouting” is frowned upon for the purpose of yelling, arguing, fighting, and even in anything to do with God for He is a loving God and angry words associated with Him are out of fashion. 

It is true that a calm, collected, accepting, loving, tolerance with broad open-mindedness laced with verbal pleasantness is the new “in” language today.  Verbal unpleasantness, including critical tones, are traumatic, abusive, can cause stress disorders and are widely frowned upon.

However, please note that this new quiet approach, which is most often worldly compliant, and accommodating, it includes the adapting to the presence of sin, is indeed modernized verbiage out of spiritual sync with the character and essence of God.  Acclimating to sin is the opposite of yielding to the pure and righteous nature of God whose approach can be soft and loving as well as loud, spiritually dividing, and “in your face,” with every spiritual characteristic brought in a loving manner concerning an individual’s state of the heart. 

God cannot be silent concerning sin, nor quiet and meek about His manifold greatness for He is THE LORD.

In fact, God cannot ever accept and intermingle with the presence of any sin with His unadulterated perfection.  Sin resides at the opposite spiritual spectrum from the nature of God.  It is true, like oil and water, sin of this world and the holiness of God cannot ever seamlessly  blend together for God in His greatness is positioned above and beyond any wickedness and sin at work in this world sitting down at the right hand of His Father God on the throne in Heaven.

The capitalized words “THE LORD…” positioned by God at the beginning of this scripture verse were divinely breathed and recorded to display the eternal greatness and timeless authority of God, who is Lord of all.  To change any of these letters to lower case by any person is to suggest that God did not know what He was doing when He inspired it to be recorded in that manner. 

Perhaps you agree that changing the form of these words is an attempt by satan to dilute the importance of THE LORD by inserting lower case letters in this verse in some restructured Bible versions.  As we know for sure, nothing on this earth or in heaven can take away the complete nature and eternal value of the Lord or his magnified position above all things.  His power and position are infinite in nature and any such changes will only serve to breed doubt and confusion and ultimately present an opportunity for His light to shine brightly in such wicked darkness at work in this world.

 In other words, this change brings an opportunity for the greatness of God to shine in this world for changing spiritually desperate heart conditions to regenerated souls that desire to shine for Him.

I hope you personally know THE LORD and He is your shepherd.  Only He can divinely meet and exceed your every need and desire. God is the only circle that can completely fill the aching hole naturally found in every lost heart. 

If God is alive and kicking in your soul, you will never mind seeing THE LORD in capital letters anywhere, including important passages such as this one in His Word.  Only when a lost spiritual heart is filled to the brim with the almighty presence of God can it be shouted with glee that THE LORD is his or her Shepherd.

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