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The Mar of sin and the Perfection of God

Biblical Wisdom Wednesday for Common Questions of Life

Romans 3:23 (KJB) For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.

You may believe you are a good and moral person…

Please do not downplay or try to diminish the existence and power of sin naturally at work in every lost person’s life.  In fact, every person is born with a sin-filled heart.  Not one single person can meet or mirror God’s morality or display the sincere righteousness of God on their own accord, for every person is naturally void of any inkling of the supernatural presence and power of God.

Yes, every person is naturally born a sinner in this world having none of his or her own righteous or any merit in themselves.

Their value comes exclusively from God.

It is true, every individual needs a personal relationship with God to reflect His holiness and perfection rather than echo their own spiritual shortcomings.  Yes, each of us carries the propensity to sin rather than to shine with the spiritual beauty of the glory and righteousness of God.

However, the best news is that God is waiting for each person to desire a personal relationship with Him, thereby allowing Him to remove their spiritual ugliness and be eternally cloaked in His attractiveness and holiness.

Any person can seek and discover the supernatural presence and power of God while he or she is physically alive on this earth.  Only then can their heart shine with the glory and natural loveliness and perfection of God and flee from the presence and power of sin.

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