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The Men of The City

October 25th, 2019

Genesis 19:4-5 (KJB) But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter: 5 And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.

Now is the time for men of God to learn and digest valuable lessons from biblical history.  According to this verse and others like it describing the atmosphere in the city Sodom, the presence of Sodomites is nothing new in this world today.  Sodomy is an old sin problem of the flesh, not something that just recently came tumbling out of closets.

The sin of sodomy some will say mars a relatively small portion of society, but undoubtedly if this is true today and this sin left to compromise and cultivate, it will undoubtedly continue to grow affecting the lives of numerous individuals and families.  Left to simmer It will continue to promote a growing feminization among men and popularize strange relations among men (and women) if it is left to linger. Without godly rebuke, it will only continue to polarize further and pollute society.

These verses from God’s Word describe an ancient gathering of both young and old men.  It serves to illustrate this sin includes men from every walk or station of life.  Yes, sodomy by nature can rear its wicked head in the lives of preachers,  or “religious” leaning families, teachers, homeschooled kids, movie stars, political leaders, guys flipping burgers, athletes.  It affects all walks of life, even average intentioned men married with a wife and a modest income and a two-story house located in the suburbs who have learned to hide their ungodly sexual leaning well from the eyes of society.

Why?  Because Sodomy, like any other sin, tolerated and accepted, will grow and flourish among all men.  Though the world likes to divide people by sexual orientation, gender, skin color, career path, religious belief, financial means, address, health concerns, family ties, relationship status, personal sin, and more; God classifies mankind only by saved and lost hearts.

Even saved hearts have the propensity to sin any “flavor” of sin, including sodomy.  You see, it is not just all about the atmosphere in which one lives, his morals, his service in helping others, his upbringing, his church membership, his city of residence, or whether he attends church services and related activities each week. 

Why, because satan is a master for tempting and tantalizing any person into choosing to sin.
Many professing children of God have failed to follow the outlined defense God gave us in Ephesians chapter six.  In the end, active resistance to sin always boils down to the state or condition of the heart.  The book of Proverbs tells us in 4:23 that issues of life begin in the heart of the matter.  Any man can succumb to the calling of his flesh and serve any number of sins, including that of Sodomy.  A saved man who has a close personal relationship with God can often be found living dead to his flesh, while a wayward spiritual man falls quickly into following his flesh into “spiritual rabbit trails” when he takes his eyes off God. Lost hearts look to the god of this world for direction and rely on ill spiritual decision making prompted by the calling of his flesh.

The message of this verse from Genesis serves to acquaint each of us with an essential dose of biblical history relevant for today.  It helps us to understand that all sin, including that of Sodomy, have been around since ancient times.  There is nothing new satan serves us today.  Not only that but as long as sin remains on this earth, this particular pulling of the flesh will flourish.  It is vital that sincere men of God rebuke this sin of sodomy for it indeed will be judged as was Sodom and Gomorrah with destruction by fire.

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