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The New Age Peace Child #1

A Guest Post Series from Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries

The New Age Peace Child #1

Read Daniel 9, 1John. 2:18, 4:3, & 2 John. 7

   We will do two lessons on this guy because it is important to see that it is not just the Bible that speaks of him, but the New Agers SEEK him and PRAY for his appearance! You’re gonna LOVE these two lessons! Buckle up!

   The Bible is crystal clear that there will come one who is called “antichrist.” Revelation 4 speaks of beasts, plural, and Revelation 13 speaks of THE beast, who is the antichrist and another beast who is the false prophet, who promotes the antichrist and gives him (who is at first political) the keys to the ecclesiastical kingdom, the one world religion/church. (note, Daniel Seven speaks of the beasts also). The Bible says he is and will be a deceiver, controlled by Satan, and will be promoted and accepted by worldlings as the man of peace. New Age calls him “the peace child.” Later they name him the coming “Avatar.”

  Now the Bible is also clear that in the end times, the world will be a total mess, politically, culturally, financially, and socially. The antichrist will be the man of peace. The Bible’s antichrist (beast; Revelation 13) IS the New Age “peace child.” By rejecting the Bible and God in favor of heresy, lies, and Satan himself, they are blind to this truth! Note also in the Revelation passages that this one will be blasphemous and set himself up AS God to the whole world. Note also he will demand worship, or he will kill you or starve you to death (see also Revelation 14, 15, 16, & 17, Daniel 7:25, 11:36, Matthew 24:15, & 2 Thessalonians. 2:3-4). Great peace child! Now, what do THEY say about THEIR man (whom the Bible calls the “man of sin, the son of perdition”)? Let me first note something you may not know.

   The three great world religions speak of this guy! Islam calls him the Dajjal which in Arabic means “the deceiver.” In their teaching he will be a young man with one eye and possesses supernatural powers. He will claim to be god, gather Jewish followers, make a whirlwind tour of deception and destruction, set himself up as ruler in Jerusalem, and finally be slain by Jesus at the Lydda gate when He returns for Heaven. THEIR writings! Weird!

   Judaism teaches that a Roman ruler named Armilus will be a miracle worker who will lead armies against Jerusalem. In the end, he will be killed by the Messiah ben David (see Luke 1:32, speaking of Jesus).

   Christianity calls him the “antichrist,” and Revelation calls him a “beast.”

   He is called numerous names; The Peace Child, the Enlightened One, the One, & coming Avatar. THEY say he will be a human who has risen to the highest level of spiritual enlightenment. They also say he will have special powers. Any of this sounding familiar? Remember the lesson where they said that they might even be able to levitate, etc.? Look at Exodus 7:11-12, Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22, Revelation 13:13-15, 16:14, 19:20, & back to 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10. All of these speak of the antichrist/beast at the end of the world, but the WORLD will believe this guy is a more highly enlightened human… and worship him. Now some of their words.

   Once and for all, let’s dispel the myth of average human beings. (James O’Dea, Birth 2012, pg. 173). He further says, I am coming down from the mountain with inexpressible gratitude (for what he had experienced from the Great Spirit of the Universe) and a song in my heart. For I wish to look in your eyes… I want to see if you can hear, as I do, the Great Mother say, Wipe away your tears, I have conceived the peace child. I have given birth to a race of healers. I have given birth to a new human race. Behold and celebrate this new Earth tribe that came through the path of suffering and loss to find the knowledge that can end all wounding, envy, and hatred. Celebrate, for the bitter and the sweet have been compounded into the healing balm of unitary consciousness. Mr. O’Dea travels the world holding his seminars of healing with heads of state. He is the former director of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL and CEO of the SEVA Foundation. He was the keynote speaker at the Berlin Peace Festival, August 2011.

   They further say he will save the world from destruction, teach the world to live in peace and be a man of great supernatural power. I’ve heard that somewhere before?

  Now, as Sir Winston Churchill described Russia in his day, as a riddle, wrapped up in a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma, so may we describe this “beast,” antichrist, peace child, avatar. This also well describes the Israeli/Palestinian (and all Islamic Arab countries) today. World leaders by the scores, most of which have been American have tried to solve the problem. NONE has been able to broker or bring about real peace, or a lasting peace agreement (covenant). This problem will eventually boil over into a world war (there is more than one listed in revelation, by the way), and it needs to be solved… by one who has great power and powers of persuasion. I wonder who that will be? But, this problem cannot ever be solved by a human, especially one(s) who refuse the Bible and the true knowledge OF the problem. In fact, there will never be lasting peace until the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ comes back! But on these Bible rejecting folks roll. BUT when antichrist comes along… O there will be peace…. temporarily!

  Daniel 9:25-27 speaks of his peace covenant (see also Daniel 11:22). This will be a huge part of the seven years of Tribulation and Great Tribulation (see also Jeremiah 30:7; Jacob being Israel, see also Genesis 32:24-28). And this covenant by the “peace child” will be a strong, enforced covenant, sine this guy will have both world political and military power. Now wait a minute… If he is this all powerful super-human how come he just doesn’t change the hearts and minds of the people so that it is a natural thing? Why military enforcement? O, I see, he isn’t the REAL Prince of Peace. He’s a fake! (See also Ezekiel 38:8-14) And further the “peace child” will be the one who BREAKS the covenant! (Daniel 9:27 again & 1Thessalonians 5:1-5). Note also this great “peace child” is further mentioned in Revelation 6:1-2. Here he is a fake Christ (Matthew 24:5). AHA…. TRUTH!

  The world today is crying for peace, but trust me, it’s going to get worse. MUCH worse. If it doesn’t who will need this super-human “peace child?” As Dave Hunt says, the world is ready for the rider on the white horse! And they’re going to get him… but he won’t be what they think he is! Satan never is. (see John 8:44). Peace child my left big toe! Better read the Bible! 

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