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The New Age Peace Child #2

A Guest Post Series from Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries

The New Age Peace Child #2

Read Acts 1 & Revelation 19

  I thought I could do this one in one lesson, but it is impossible. This peace child is so integral to their religious and political end game, and so clearly defined in the Bible that we need more information on him. New Age is attacking and advancing on the Political, educational, financial/business, media, and United Nations/world power fronts. Within this are also the heads of Hinduism, Buddhism, Pantheism, and Occultism. It is a Hydra-headed “beast.” (Interesting) “Hydra,” by the way, was a monster/serpent in Greek mythology that had nine heads and was slain by Hercules. When one of the heads was cut off, it was replaced by two others. Hydra is also defined by Webster as a multifarious evil. It is also in the constellations in the heavens represented as… a serpent. Just for fun read Job 9:9, Isaiah 13:10, Amos 5:8, then Revelation 12:1-8. My, my! What a Bible!

 …Remember this always, and I repeat myself for emphasis… also, new age is both… political and spiritual/religious. It is spiritually backed by the devil, tho they do not believe Lucifer to BE the devil, (he is a liar see John 8:44 & Revelation 12:9), and he pawns himself off as the savior of the world and the peace-maker they all want. He will have great powers and deceive the folks, and tho he will make a peace covenant with Israel and the world (Daniel 9), he will be the one to break it 3 ½ years in. He will also be the uniter of all world politics.

……It must also be noted, as taught in Revelation, this guy will for sure be an uniter of all the world religions, and he will demand worship of… himself! Imagine that.  (See also Daniel 3 for a typology/picture of this end-times ruler) The world will see this man literally as A god, or god! Now a bit more on New Age descriptions.

  In 1982, Benjamin Creme wrote a book titled, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, and got a LOT of publicity. He was even interviewed on TV by Merv Griffin. In that book, he said that the Christ was actually Lord Maitreya, the leader of the Planetary Hierarchy, and said he held that office for 2600 years. He and most new agers say that it was the Maitreya that came upon Jesus at His baptism and left Him before the crucifixion. (Thus there is no blood payment for sin, and all of Hebrews is tossed out! It is also a mixture of Cerinthianism and Docetism) He also claims that the Christ’s real name IS Lord Maitreya.

   Creme also says that he reappeared on the earth in 1977 and brought a group of highly advanced disciples called Masters of Wisdom to instruct the nations (thus, I feel confident in saying that A.C.’s headquarters will most likely be the UN). On 7/8/77 he allegedly left the Himalayas on an airplane and visited the chief cities of India. On a plane? An AIRPLANE? Did I read that right? Where is all this power stuff? Well, back to the book. Lord Maitreya and his Wisdom boy’s purpose is to help mankind realize it’s self divinity, to learn to live in “oneness and harmony,” to eliminate poverty and injustice (all by words of our political liars today), stop world pollution, and bring in world peace. He will then save mankind and the planet.

   Remember… one of their big things is “meditation.” They sometimes call it “Transmission Meditation.” I could have used that on an old Ford I had once when it wouldn’t shift properly! Sorry back to Mr. Creme. It is said that this “meditation” enables the one doing it to tap into the “energy from the Masters” and bring it into the world. I’ll stick to a light socket, thank you!

   Creme slipped when he said that in 1982, Maitreya would reveal himself to the world, by worldwide TV and bring in the new era of global blessing and harmony. I must have missed that one! Maybe it was harmonicas. Now some quotes from David Cloud’s book, The New Age Tower of Babel….

  Wayne Peterson, one of Creme’s disciples/followers, wrote a book titled Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings, and teaches that the Maitreya is the actual fulfillment of the aspirations and teachings of all religions (thus all religions are one); he is the Buddha of Buddhism, the Imam Madhi of Islam, the reincarnation of Krishna in Hinduism, and the Messiah of the Jews. (Compare with Job 4:18, Psalm 78:49, Matthew 25:41, Romans 8:38, 1 Corinthians 6:3) His book should have been titled, Whoppers!

……In a speech, Peterson said, “...Christ is not the name of an individual but an office in the Hierarchy. The present holder of that office, the Lord Maitreya, has held it for 2600 years and manifested himself in Palestine through his disciples, as Jesus, by the occult method of overshadowing, the most frequent form used for manifestation of Avatars. (I’m not making this up!) He has never left the world (then what about Acts 1 and the airplane from the Himalayas stuff?), but for 2000 years has waited and planned himself for the awesome task which awaits him. He made it known that this time, he himself will come.” Further Creme says, “You are god. I am god. This microphone is god, This table is god. ALL is god. And because all is god, there is no god. (Creme, the reappearance of Christ, pg. 110) Well I’m certainly glad he cleared THAT up! Further, “…in the new age, vegetarianism will become the norm.” Creme, The Reappearance of Christ, Pg. 194) “Within all men sits a god. That god is your true self.” (He may be right on that one, but it ain’t a good one; Jer. 17:9) Messages from Maitreya, Pg. 110.

   Alice Bailey (remember her?) taught that “the christ” is going to return to earth soon, and he is not the same Jesus as in the Christian Bible (NOW I see why God said what He said in Acts 1, how about you?). He will belong to no religion and create harmony among men. (What about Armageddon?) He will be the Maitreya and the Bodhisattva and the Islamic Imam. Through him flows the energy of the Planetary Logos via the heart of Sanat Kumara, (Note, Sanat is a cleverly disguised reinventing of Satan... or Santa maybe?) My, my, from the 1920s to the present. All teaching the same slop.

    She also taught the same meditation and tapping into the wisdom of the universe! Better read Isaiah 19:11-14, 29:14-16, Romans 1:21-22, 1 Corinthians 1:20, 2:6, & 3:19. 1Timothy 4:1-4.

    Wisdom of the Masters?… damnable heresies is more accurate!  The truth is that Jesus Christ, IS the ONLY Son of the True and living God, as is the Bible, the Word of God, NOT New Age. This SAME JESUS (Acts 1), will come, not another one (see also 1Thessalonians 4), and not some made up demon/devil called Maitreya. I’ll stick with my Jesus… all the way, thank you!   Matthew. 24:11

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