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The Only Fight That Matters

June 20, 2018

The Only Fight That Matters

2 Timothy 4:7 (KJB) I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.

There is a whole lot of fighting going on upon this earth.

A man and a woman fighting within their marriage.

Brothers fighting with sisters.

A mom fighting with her daughter and son.

A father fighting with his children.

Friends fighting among friends.

Coworkers and associates feuding in the workplace environment.

Ferocious animals fighting against other predatory animals and humans.

Even professing Christian’s battling with other professing Christians.

There is an unending list of battles present on this earth.  But, do you realize that none of these earthly skirmishes will matter in the long term?  At the end of your life, at a time of God’s choosing, the only battle that a man or woman of God needs to pursue is a healthy spiritual fight.

What is this good fight mentioned by God in this verse you may ask?

God tells us in His Word that each person who professes to be a child of God will certainly face many spiritual skirmishes and downright heavy battles on their knees in prayer.  These battles cannot be won in the weakness of the flesh but must be fought in the supernatural power and might of God.  In fact, He gives His spiritual family the armament and weapons necessary to win every spiritual battle as is divinely listed in Ephesians chapter six.

It is important that every child of God face his or her battles on this earth wearing the proper regalia provided by God for certain spiritual victory and be found standing in the spiritual winner’s circle with God in eternity.  Any person who faces the many spiritual battles present on this earth without the power and presence of God will certainly be a part of the losing team on this earth and will lose forever in eternity.

The only battle that will matter for all eternity is the ongoing battle with the pull of our flesh and the darkness of satan set against the already achieved eternal victory found only inside the goodness and grace of God.  God has provided for each of us what is needed to fight the good fight as we sojourn on this earth, so we can perpetually share in His victory forevermore.

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