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The Righteousness of Christ

Revelation 19:8 (KJB) And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.

The pure nature of Christ is on display for our understanding and our application in this verse.  This biblically based illustration of Christ’s righteous nature is portrayed for us by the mention of fine white linen, crisp, clean, unspoiled, unadulterated.  These words paint for us an uncorrupted picture of His unmarred character and righteousness. 

Imagine a white crisp sheet which has no stain or any discoloration, both now and for the entire future.  That is a true illustration of Christ.  Ageless, timeless, unspotted, and pure white.

Jesus Christ is that Fine Linen, clean, white, supernatural, and perpetually righteous as is found throughout the entire canon of scripture.  In Him is no sin whatsoever.

Certainly, you understand that you and I cannot ever reach such a grand position of uprightness on our own.  No matter how hard we try to clean ourselves up and to be “better” moral people.  Our own works are nothing more than a futile attempt to mimic the righteousness of God.

However, each of us can have a righteous standing with Christ through the finished spiritual work of Calvary.  You see, it is this finished spiritual work of Christ that allows every regenerated heart to stand righteous before God.  It is an inward spiritual change of heart culminating into a perfect likeness of Christ, sanctified day by day and made entirely pure upon entering eternal fellowship with God.

So, when modern Bible per-versions update this wording to reflect righteous acts of saints implied to usher in God’s likeness and righteousness to a soul rather than the pure and spotless nature and supernatural presence of Christ working in regenerated souls, we can know for sure this altered wording is false doctrine not built on the timeless truths and spiritual work of God.

Holiness is never tied to any righteous acts.  Genuine holiness comes from God alone.  If you are caught up in doing, behaving and believing in your own righteous acts fueled by such a gross miswording of modernized scripture, please, please, take some time to study what God’s Word has to say about the holy and righteous nature of God and what it means for yourself. Seek a covering of His fine, white linen for your naturally naked and spiritually desperate soul.

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