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The Spirit of God Overwhelmed Them

August 10th, 2018

The Spirit of God Overwhelmed Them

Acts 6:10 (KJB) And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spake.

The “he” in this verse is pointing to Stephen.  He was a man of God filled with His Spirit.  When Stephen spoke, it was the Spirit of God at work inside him who was speaking, when he acted it was action led by the Spirit of God.

Stephen was a man with a supernatural Spirit-filled testimony and witness for God.  Being filled with His Spirit meant that everything Stephen did naturally ooze forth with the Spirit of God rather than the god of this world.

Stephen lived a Galatians 2:20 life and would soon die serving God unto his physical death.  Not because of his special battle skills but because of the presence and power of God working in his life.

What about you, do you serve God only when it is pleasurable and pleasing to you?  Or are you a part of His spiritual family no matter what circumstances come your way in this world?  It is on the battleground of life that God can will and work.

Stephen could have chosen to walk away from this spiritual battle.  He could have chosen to put himself first and to place the will of God for his life on the back burner.

In like manner, Joseph could have chosen to wallow in his pit and starve to death.

Jonah could have kept running.

Paul could have crawled away from obeying God and Thomas could have doubted himself unto certain death.

It is the many unpleasant circumstances of life that God can shine His light in the obvious cracks and crevices of your life for all the world to see and desires to have at work in his own heart. Stand up in the spiritual battles found in this world, in full armor, and God will direct and deliver you.


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