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The Struggle is Real

July 18th, 2019

The Struggle is Real

Romans 7:15 (KJB) For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.

It is the story of my life and yours too, if you are honest, the opportunity to sin is ever before us calling out to our flesh.

You see, as long as a person remains physically alive in this world his flesh remains in a state of dissatisfaction.  God can regenerate a soul and renew a mind, but the desires of our flesh remain until death.  Now certainly you also know that God is greater than any pull of our flesh (1st John 4:4).  However, in our weakness, it is often easy to give in to our flesh and the devil.

Why?  Because, even though a professing child of God desire to serve God and to be obedient to His direction, the truth is we face continual spiritual battles in this world.  Though we set out to follow God, even in an instant as we turn to look at this world for a brief moment, the devil is waiting to coax us into taking a detour down a wider seemingly more palatable road.

Sometimes quite frankly, we do what we do not desire to do.  Instead of following God, we choose to take a misguided detour and before long we find ourselves buried in misery and sin.  It is in these times when God gets our undivided attention once again, He will use these straying moments to teach us an eternal lesson.

It is true as long as a child of God remains on this earth, he or she will face constant spiritual struggles, sinful seasons, and betrayal to the holy nature of God.  God can use any situation for our learning and greater spiritual refinement as we sojourn in this world as we eagerly expect a new perfected state awaiting every saved soul in eternity.

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