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The United Nations #2

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

The U.N. #2 – Read Revelation 17

 I know that the assertion of a spiritual plane for the UN may be odd and seem way off base. Well, then, where did they come up with the charter? The direction? The foundation? Here are further words and descriptions. Buckle up!

   Dag Hammarskjold (Swedish; 2nd Secretary General of the UN) said, “There will be no peace on earth unless there is first a spiritual renaissance.” He was later described, after his death, by Tibetan Masters, Buddhists, and what we now call new agers, as “a spiritual giant and mystic of the highest order.” They felt then and REALLY do now that the UN was part of the “cosmic plan;” yes, within its hands lies the destiny of humanity, and the Spiritual Teachers. It has been self-described as “The living organism of aspirants and disciples that can provide a center of peace, power, and love, of practical help and spiritual uplift such as the world has not hitherto seen.” Further, they say… “it is the center from which the spiritual transformation of the world will take place which will bring about planetary peace, harmony, and love, and the higher consciousness also leading to a spiritual plane on which all men will achieve their highest divine self. Such is the hope. See you to it.”  This last one was a condensed version of what Alice Bailey said; The Externalization of the Hierarchy, Renewed 1985 by Lucis Trust, pg. 516.  She further said, “Thus, the Spiritual Mysteries can then once again be openly taught, and knowing humanity will then become a willing participant in the transformation of planetary consciousness.” (Speaking of when all the earth is One, and educated to that fact… under the UN) Think the one world religion and leader will just fall out of the sky overnight? Not hardly!

  They further see themselves as the first temple of spirituality for all humanity. Their words! It is the organizing “energy,” and a “synthesizing energy” on a spiritual plane, such as the world has never been able to achieve thus far. “We are forming a world

society.” Further, Dag Hammarskjold said, “From perspective, to believe in God is to believe in yourself, as self-evident, as illogical, and as impossible to explain; if I can be, then god is.” Yeh, I’m confused too, but that is the word for word, and it belies the spiritual nature of him and the rest of the Secretary Generals of the UN. Check out their backgrounds!

  In one of Alice Bailey’s books, written in the 30’s, she said that “very soon a leading Swedish disciple would be soon working in the world. A high Swedish initiate who was a friend of mine was once asked if the foretold one, was he? He said no, it is Dag Hammarskjold. And Dag loved the “Meditation Room” at the UN, where all religions of the world were invited to offer prayers and help in the unification of the world for peace. Not sure who they were praying to.. or wait, maybe I DO know! Hmmm. Seeing the spiritual side of the UN yet?

Further, they say this meditation room is one of the “holiest places of the planet.” See spiritual yet? It is “talismanic,” they say. Look that word up! It ain’t Godly! It focuses people on the “energies of a unitary planet, for a unified humanity!” Those energies use the room and the stone (a HUGE black piece of granite in the middle) like a lens, through which to guide the meetings and decisions made there.  I’ll refrain from saying they get stoned there. They say it is from that room that they get guidance to help them guide the planet. Now read this, a direct quote from one who was there.

   “Recently, I had the pleasure of guiding a representative of the traditional wisdom of the Hopi people through the UN, including the Meditation room. He was not expecting anything in particular, but when he entered the room, he gasped. Quickly and apologetically, he reached for his medicine bag, took out a leather pouch, from which he made an offering on the spot in front of the rock while saying prayers. We have been told, he said, that there are three most powerful places in the United States. This is one of them, and I am going home to report it to the elders.” See spiritual yet? The UN? Why, if we believe the Bible, are we surprised? Further, I ask, why have we not known  these things before? Now to the 3rd Secretary General of the UN,  U Thant.

  A Burmese Buddhist, and of high Buddhic qualities and belief… believed to be one of the Masters that would take the stage of the UN and bring world peace. Sounds familiar to me! It was his hope that Buddhic principles could be at the forefront of UN decisions and policies. (Political AND spiritual.. all in one convenient trick bag!) U Thant ALSO said he loved the writings of…. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. A new ager and earth worshiper!  U Thant said,.. “...these teachings prompt me to work for the great human synthesis, which is the implicit goal of the World Organization [the UN]. Long before I was Secretary General I used to dwell at some length on the oneness of the human community. Now to another and final person of interest at the UN; Sri Chinmoy, who came from the lineage of sages and saints of the East, in the line and tradition of Rama-krishna and Aurobindo.

  He is considered an “exalted being” and assumed responsibility for spirituality at the UN. He acts as an invoker and intermediary for the vastest and most significant energies the world has yet received (Try a 220V outlet, pal). Now, in his and their words, their current goals: 1. The spiritual goal of the UN is ultimately the savior of the world’s imperfection, the liberator of the world’s destruction, and the fulfiller of the world’s aspirations. 2. Supernal fulfillment will be the essence of the United Nations reality. 3. It will fulfill the divine ideal, peace to mankind, and manifest the Truth, Light, and Delight with it, all-embracing soul. 4. Overcome the stumbling blocks of doubt and insecurity in the world, by bringing about faith and surrender; faith in oneself and surrender to god’s. 5. The message that the soul of the UN offers to the world at large is for Eternity. Its message is that today’s imperfect and unfulfilled man is tomorrow’s absolutely fulfilled and supremely manifested god. (In other words, man will finally become the god he has inside of him… setting aside, of course, ALL of the Bible!) All we need is love… Just IMAGINE, and we will all get together (socialism), and goodwill prevail (humanism), and evil will be gone (New Age)! Wrong!

   Folks, I don’t care about any Aurobindo, or any of their all night benders, I care that the BIBLE says peace will ONLY come through the Son of God… Jesus Christ.      Is. 9:6, 11:6-9. All of this just makes me love the Lord more, and the Bible more… not be afraid!  Jn. 14

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