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The War Of Semantics

A Battle for Godly Communication

James 2:12 (KJB)   So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty.

Certainly, God desires and deserves to be honored and glorified in all avenues of communication. The Bible contains many verses about the expected manner of speech for the man and woman of God.  It is the anticipated judgment of God upon all mankind that should bring a man to his knees in all lowliness, understanding that his entire life, including his words, will be judged using God’s perfect standard of law and liberty.

God promises us He will never change (Hebrews 13:8 KJB) and this promise emphatically includes no change any facet of His essence or countenance.   His promise covers every spiritual parameter of our lives as we identify with Him and when the ungodly at heart choose not to distinguish themselves with God.  This includes both nonverbal language and our verbal expression.  All communication is wholesome and godly, moral but lacking spiritual fortitude, or found to be in gross opposition to the very nature of God.

What about the many words and phrases we use in communicating each day.  Do you ever stop to think about the source and context of socially popular and common communication daily in this world?  Are your favorite words biblical in nature and able to be found in God’s Word?  Or do you habitually put into practice, without much thought, use certain phrases and words which have been cleverly adapted, added, or revised to more clearly model the dark agenda of the god of this world?

Here is a list of words, certainly not an inclusive list, as found in the Bible and/or as used in society along with a “modern manipulation.” Many words and phrases have been spiritually hijacked away from God’s original purpose and intent.


 This word is can now be used to mean wickedly good.  This use is in direct opposition to the biblical meaning of wicked as bad, or naughty, inherently sinful in nature.


 This word can now be used to mean something good, or really amazing, rather than a debilitating illness or breakdown in either physical or spiritual health.


This word can be used to describe something exceedingly great, rather than terrible and dreadful, or perhaps sinful according to biblical Truth.


Fear of God (which brings about godly knowledge) is downplayed and marginalized, as fear and anxiety of things in this world are whipped up into a frenzy and grossly highlighted.


This word is used in the Bible to describe one who is quiet minded or one practicing godly restraint, rather than a person who is abstaining from being overcome from the effects of alcohol or other mind-altering medicines, drugs, and liquors used in this world.


Is the senseless murder of young children.  Murder of children was also practiced in ancient times and labled a sacrifice.  Children were sacrificed to gods in the fires of Molech.  Today abortion is seen as a choice made to terminate a child’s life (before birth) made popular through an influx of selfishness and the continued wickedness of idolatry.  Both cases, now and in the past, involve harm and murder of a child because of sin, not simply because of a personal choice.  Only God, who is the Author of life, has the right to choose whether a soul is born or dies.


The word disease is mentioned in the Bible to cover both physical and spiritual illness issues.  There are both physical ailments and spiritual ailments.  Both can be, but are not always, caused by man’s choice to sin.  Some people find themselves disease riddled as a consequence of sin.  Consider that at one time in the Garden of Eden, life was perfect and there was no such thing as disease present until the door was swung wide open to allow sin ( both of a physical and spiritual sense) to be ushered into this world.  Alcoholism, mental conditions, drug abuse, and other social ills are not diseases but are consequences of living a sinful lifestyle.  They are direct results of choices made by one’s self and as an effect of choices that others have made.


The Truth of God is a certainty which is unequivocally presented in the Bible.  It is a sure and solid eternal foundation (Hebrews 8:13 KJB) of which man can firmly stand .  This world presents truth as notions, ideas, and facts which can constantly be shifted to reflect the wavering opinion of society.  Believing facts outside of having a relationship with God will ultimately lead to an eternity out of fellowship with God.  Facts alone, without the power of scripture, contain no Truth of God.

An affair

The Bible firmly teaches that sexual relations of a married person with another who is not one’s own spouse is adultery.  The world treats adultery as a mere typical lapse in judgment, a common occurrence in the workplace best to be avoided, perhaps some view it as a bad choice, or at the worst an affair serving to divide apart a marriage.  The pattern of marriage in the Bible is a relationship between God, a man, and woman.  Adultery is clearly defined as a relationship outside of marriage standing against that which God commands.  Adultery is a sin against God, against the union of marriage, and one’s spouse.


The Bible clearly teaches unequivocally that God views sodomy is an abominable sin.  God does not call those who participate in sodomy a homosexual, gay, or queer.  Or portray them as having freedom of choice, as being sexually confused, or introduce thinking that it is a natural phenomenon and that mankind can be born with a tendency  towards unnatural affection.  God clearly calls this kind of ungodly lifestyle Sodomy, calls it unnatural, He declares it a sin.

Furthermore, God does not entertain the use words such as heterosexual, straightbisexual, or transgender for the labeling of any person involved in any kind of unnatural relationship.  Those are worldly based words employed by man, together with the use of a godly symbol depicting God’s promise in a rainbow, to call attention to a prideful and unnatural show of affection towards ungodly sexual unions.

Godly communication is a real battle.  The devil has waged a war against godly language and the quotation of His Word.  This war has been silent raging for a number of years, bringing dark and deadly changes to many words and phrases, known in this world as semantics.  The devil basically worked to introduce new and socially colorful words or “hip sounding language.” Each new generation falls precariously into using modern worldly based language without hesitation or question, even as it lies unparallel to God’s heavenly language.  This language has easily infiltrated and been widely accepted by man via the trickle fashion over many years, even finding its way to comfortably dwell in the modern church house.  It has been introduced for the sole purpose of encouraging man to express himself in socially popular fashion, rather than man’s speech and actions being anchored or centered on bringing honor and glory to God.  Many churches over time have become the symbol of “me, myself, and I, rather than the houses of serving and bringing glory and honor to God.

Clearly, this intrusion of worldly based communication sits in direct opposition to the clear cut language found in God’s Word.   This is a dark and deadly lurking language predicament with a purpose to destroy and replace godly words.  Godly words are heavenly fortified and carry a perpetual promise.  Modern language attempts to remove any expression or hint of the reality of God.  This dark communication crusade of the devil seeks to permanently replace the clear cut meaning of heavenly words with weak and woeful words from the god of this world.  However, God’s Word clearly implies it will stand the test of time.  God is never limited by man, but mankind is always limited by the supernatural power and presence of God.

The language of Truth derived from God, in the beginning, is alive and well.  It will always remain alive having the supernatural in power (Hebrews 4:12 KJV) and perpetually preserved (Psalms 12:6-7). His Word will never cease or wane and will always be at work to bring about that which God wills (Isaiah 55:11).  Even in these dark times in which we live when it often seems God’s Words are no longer relevant, His Word quoted forth will always contain the full purpose, power, and effect and moves about in this world as it pleases God.

Man frequently feels the need to change, alter, and modify the meaning and language and words.  He frequently chooses to remove seemingly antiquated words he considers useless and impractical or divisive in nature to the common good of mankind.  In today’s free-spirited world language often changes on the whim, through the challenge of unbridled emotions, based loosely on a feeling or hunch, conferring to the loud voices pushing an agenda, or upon an earth shattering event taking place.  These ever-changing influences and events of our modern society work to continually alter the meaning, context, and spelling of words according to the sway and swoon of popular opinion and the fruition of various social seasons at work this world.

The real truth is language is passed down from generation to generation.  When the current popular language used today is rendered “out of date” God’s Word will still be real and relevant.

God saw fit to inspire and preserve in His Word perfectly, and it is never in need of alterations by God, nor can it be changed by man.  However, mankind has battled to circumvent God’s plan of preservation by coming out with his own perverse versions of God’s Word, replacing what man considers antiquated with more modern dialect, revising it according to his own understanding.  Modern Bible versions and secular based dictionaries add, revise, and continually update words on a frequent basis.  Slang, jargon, and “religious pseudo terms” are given further credence as they are frequently used in the modern dialect.  New words are added and even “borrowed” and readily accepted from other tongues and languages.  The younger generation serves as the catalysts of most language alterations by their relentless passion for the promotion of new upcoming words and phrases both pleasing and palatable to their ears but certainly found to be repulsive and abominable to God.

There is certainly found to be a direct correlation between language, learning, and lasting quality of life.  Schools and higher institutions of learning promote modern updates in language among the next generation, while never stopping to consider there is such a thing as a perpetual language which needs no updating and modernizing.  Sadly, the church is often silent on the everlasting nature of God and His promises included in His Word.  Newer and more modern is not always better, especially when it comes to godly communication and language.


As the world wanes worse and worse (2 Timothy 3:1-7, 13) God’s Word will remain upright and a powerful supernatural force at work among the hearts of men.  God’s Word and His language will stand the test of time.




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