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There Will Always Be Both Rich And Poor

October 12, 2021

There Will Always Be Both Rich And Poor

Proverbs 22:2 (KJV) The rich and poor meet together: the LORD is the maker of them all.

Those striving to equalize society in every fashion, including in the financial realm, would do well to read God’s Word.  This necessary reading includes time spent studying the book of Proverbs.  Stopping this scripture above to pause and drink its complex yet straightforward message each person can choose to take to heart.  The conclusion, there will always be poor among us.

This profound statement inspired by God is not the impression shared by humanity who follow the way of this world.  It gives God’s answer to popular rants as an ever-increasing socialist society bellows about giving to those who have not from those who do, kind of a like a modern Robin Hood pipe dream.  Indeed this kind of benevolence is excellent for some in need, but fiscal open-handedness is also a gift to some who simply do not want to work or be productive members of society.  It is sad, but some favor seeking “free” means from humanity and the government without personal motivation.

What do I mean?  Some believe that every person should render optimum resources and herald nice financial funds no matter their current position, work ethic, or station in life.  In other words,  many want to slack off but receive the rewards, as does someone who works hard and respectfully for their every hard-earned dollar.  This kind of mindset creates the idea that this kind of financial redistribution will eliminate financial poorness and better equalize financial means among society. Still, nothing is farther from the truth as is presented by God for our understanding.

Like ants, a person must exert sweat equity or work spiritually and financially to garner true success in this world and for eternity.  God rewards a work ethic that honors and glorifies Him, indeed!  Please note for any naysayers: spiritual work is not a means of salvation, but because God did a work in a softened heart, that soul desires to please God and to mature in aspects of living on this earth.

God’s Word is clear, a person must work to eat, and God never promises that every person will succeed and find economic success on this earth.  God does tell us that life will include poverty and riches, for us to be generous, and that some souls will always require both salvation and financial resources as they sojourn in this world.

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