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“They” are False Teachers

October 30th, 2018

“They” are False Teachers

1 John 4:5 (KJB) They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

“They” in this verse is a reference in speaking of counterfeit Christians parading about as teachers and preachers of religion in this world.  Many are present in pulpits, arenas, social gatherings, and classrooms spewing spiritual drivel rather than enlightening hearts with the Truth of God’s Word.

In fact, false teachers often make a spiritual circus out of sugar coating the truths of God.

A religious carnival-like atmosphere is often at work in this world including events and pleasantries to capture the attention and devotion of hurting and wounded hearts.  These popular gatherings and small groups to provide social opportunity and a comforting balm for spiritual baggage and hurting hearts.  However, these gatherings lack the rendering of truth to their audience concerning the underlying root cause of their dissatisfaction, anguish, and pain.

What false preachers and teachers and their spiritually hungry listeners fail to recognize is their own weakness and frailty compared to the perpetual power and presence of God.  Without understanding the true origin and nature of God, the reason for their endless pain and suffering, no lasting solution can be taught, ascertained, or applied in their life.  It is sad that the prevalent message presented to ears in this world is one that is palatable and pleasant and pleasing to their flesh and tolerant to the presence of sin.  Their ears are shuttered to hearing and receiving the lasting balm of the timeless truths of God.

However, for softened hearts aligned with God His message is often right on time, pointed, perplexing, and supernaturally powerful it cuts right to their heart and expects godliness and a change of heart about revealed sin. Hardened hearts at work in this world care nothing about hearing God’s brand of Truth or to separate from sin and the wicked ways of this world.

A child of this world hears the devil’s brand of religion and dulls and ignores the calling of God and enjoys the ride on the spiritual carnival at work in this world.  The child of God hears the voice of God and understands the Truths of His Word choosing to mature and apply these truths to his or her life.

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