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Thine Anger Without Borders

July 31st, 2018

Thine Anger Without Borders

Psalm 90:11 (KJB) Who knoweth the power of thine anger? even according to thy fear, so is thy wrath.

Thine anger solely refers to the anger of God.  It is different than anger brewing inside a man.  God’s anger knows no boundaries or limits. A man’s anger is limited by the will and way of God.

What, you may say?  I thought God is only a God of great love and warmth?  How can His anger be abounding without borders?

It is true that God is a God of great and abounding love.  However, when it concerns the presence of sin, God has only great divine wrath concerning sin.  Sin sits at the opposite end of the spiritual spectrum dissenting away from the nature of God.  Love agrees with and fears the divine nature of God.

Though love is closely associated with God, He also harbors a great wrath for the presence of sin.

All wrath and fury on this earth are limited by God.

How so, you may wonder?

The devil was restricted in his attacks on Job.

Joseph’s brother was limited in their desire to rid themselves of their favored brother Joseph.

Cain was marked by God and protected, to limit any ability to end his life.

When the time for Jesus’s death was nearing its pinnacle, evil was limited until the exact time of God’s choosing for His sacrifice upon the cross at Calvary.

A man’s love for God can spiritually grow by great leaps and bounds according to the will and way of God at work in his softened heart.

The power of God’s anger towards sin has no limit.

The power of God’s love and mercy towards a repentant sinner has no limit.

God is a God of both love and wrath.  He loved every person with a great love (John 3:16).  However, God hates sin and His divine wrath has no limits in dealing with the presence of sin and in a day to soon come in dealing with the heart conditions of unrepentant sinners.

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