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This World Is One Gigantic Spiritual Grave Yard

March 1st, 2018

This World Is One Gigantic Spiritual Grave Yard

Matthew 22:14 (KJB)   For many are called, but few are chosen.

Yes, there are many walking about spiritually dead in this world.

That is, many are alive in the flesh but dead in their spirit.  Many ill hearts are in desperate need of a revival.  To be quickened alive and teeming with new spiritual life.

Every person has been created by God and born in this world as a trichotomy, which is a big “fifty cent” word simply meaning each human being is innately created with three distinct parts meant to work in harmony and sweet fellowship with God; a body, soul, and spirit.  Upon birth person’s body, or his flesh is physically alive, his soul is active, but his spirit is spiritually dead and dark since sin entered the world.

God innately calls every person, desiring each one is “quickened alive” in his or her spirit.

Yes, every person is given an invitation to attend this perpetual wedding.  There will be no other wedding like it!  Jesus Christ spoke frankly and firmly in this parable about the reality of having a few guests, rather than many guests.

This grand wedding does not require us to bring a gift for God’s gift has already been provided.

This divine wedding requires each guest to put on new clothes, new flesh, a new heart condition, and a fresh mind.  Sadly, not many people desire in their heart to obey and willingly conform to God’s directives or desire admission to this future grand eternal affair.

I hope you have donned your regal white wedding clothes without spot or stain, been spiritually regenerated in your heart, and are eager to attend this spectacular spiritual wedding of a lifetime!  The wedding ceremony is coming soon.  Only those who have personally RSVP’d with God will be permitted to enter this grand eternal venue to enjoy sweet fellowship with God forevermore.



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