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Thy name Poured Forth

Preserved Words Bible Studies a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Song of Solomon – Thy name, Poured Forth

Song 1:3 …. thy name is as ointment poured forth,

therefore do the virgins love thee.


   I want us to go back and look at something by itself. The bride (to be, at this point in the song) is speaking to her groom, and husband to be, and she says of him, and to him, that his “name is as ointment poured forth…”

    To review, ointment was a salve of healing, aromatic, comforting, and as a medicine to both body and mind. Our minds remember fragrances of all kinds. We remember what they were and what they were for, and what they did! Do you have memories of the fragrance of Jesus? Daily?????

   This world tries to not only GIVE us of it’s fragrances, which are in reality, the fragrances of death, but it tries very hard to make us smell LIKE it. What fragrances are most in your nose these days? I mean, really? What is the fragrance you, and I give off to the world? Is there another name, or names that are poured forth in your life… that if examined are more fragrant… than Jesus Christ?

   Can you say, of and to, Jesus Christ…. what SHE said here… of, and to, Solomon? I want you to write something in your journal after you think about our text verse in this light. This world gets at all of us, including me, but my soul, these verses speak volumes to us and make us aware of things… I pray. Let me give you scripture to ponder.

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men,

whereby we must be saved.

Php. 2:9-11 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

   Has He poured forth His Name in you?- in your life? I want to take you back to the O.T. for a moment, and look at something. (I pray you see it as I see it!) What does our text verse say about his name? “As ointment POURED FORTH?” Look at this…

Isaiah 53:12 Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

   Do you ever have a time where you just worship and praise Jesus? Do you, or have you ever, had times where His Name is poured forth, as a most fragrant ointment on  your very soul?- on your life? Do you stop and TAKE time to let Him do so? Do we really take the proper time with Him, to speak to Him about what He means to us, or are we either embarrassed or proud to? 

  I pray that this study, if nothing else, brings back a vision of some good things, and brings an atmosphere of worship, and praise, and adoration, to Jesus Christ, that we have either lost, left, or lacked. I pray that it cuts through pride, or timidity, or embarrassment, too! I’m telling you He WANTS to hear these words, and He NEEDS to hear these words, if His church is to get back to a flame and torch for Him in this world! (Read Jn. 12:18- mt. 26:6-13

   Do we, or will we, be like the women in Jn. 12 and Matt. 26, and BREAK the box that holds an ointment BACK to Him, that He deserves? Would not our words, be a good fragrance? Would not the pouring out of OUR heart in this way, not bring forth HIS ointment and fragrance? Sure will! Sure does! What are we holding back for? Is not all good and true fragrance in our life, FROM Him anyway? It sure isn’t from the old life and this world! Is He more than just a fire-suit? Is He not the lover of your soul?

     My soul, how HIS name is an ointment, to our souls, like Solomon’s was to her back then! But, do we say it? Have you ever stopped to think about how His Name is a healing balm to you? Was it not when you saw your lost-ness, and cried for mercy and salvation… and got HIM?

   In our text, she told him that just the mention of his name, the speaking of his name, was to her… as a precious ointment, fragrant, and wonderful. It was to her mind, heart, and soul all the healing and comfort, and joy, and strength, and protection, she could want or imagine. Is He to you? Is His Name to you?

  Stop and think of what this world would be without the name JESUS! What would your life be without it? I want you to stop here, and go to your journal (and I pray you have one and haven’t stopped writing in it), and let your heart get a hold of  your mind, and your mind get a hold of your fingers, and write! I want  you to write, in your own words, what His name means to you. Then I want you to write, to Him, words of love, and affection, and thanks, and praise, and worship. This lesson will be here. You need to do this!

   The name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, has been poured forth to all this world. It has been poured forth to you, and to me, and it is an ointment like no other, and it heals like no other, it forgives like no other, and it comforts like no other, and on, and on, and ON we could go! It was poured out, in love, on Calvary, in suffering, and taking on death, in pain and agony of soul (see Is. 53), as our Great Shepherd DIED…. for His church! My soul, is there ANY comparison… to THAT ointment? I’ll answer that for  you…………. NOT HARDLY! Not never! He POURED OUT… Himself… on Calvary… as THE ONLY OINTMENT FOR SIN… that this world has EVER had… OR EVER WILL have! Do  you see our verse in all it’s glory yet? HE is the ONLY healing. He arose with HEALING in His wings. (Mal. 4:2)

   O Lord Jesus, THY NAME… is POURED FORTH…. as the ONLY ointment. Thou, hast poured Thyself out, for ME, and for Thy CHURCH, that THOU might pour FORTH, on IT, and THROUGH it!  THY NAME, is the FRAGRANCE above ALL OTHER fragrances, for THY NAME… is above EVERY name! Our Lord Jesus, the FRAGRANCE of the ointment, of Thy Name…  Lord, Jesus! Thou art deserving of every good and precious word I can utter… and more! Do you feel this way?… about His Name?… Told Him lately? IF not… WHY not?

   Now, I want to close. His Name is poured forth, as ointment, by the Holy Spirit, Who ALWAYS speaks of Him, and points to Him. What is going on in the churches?

   I see disco lights, party atmosphere, worldly music and dress, super bowl parties, and you name it. Is this what Solomon would have wanted to see, out of his bride to be? When I see such “preachers” as Rick Warren, promoting the amalgamation of Islam and Christianity (Chrislam), I want to stick ice picks in my eyes and throw up! When I hear such men as John MacArthur saying that the actual blood of Jesus was nothing special, and hear the like out of other preachers, I HAVE NO WORDS, because it is UNHOLY, and UNCHASTE, AND UNFAITHFUL! WRONG FRAGRANCE CLYDE! (Yes, I AM upset!) MY SOUL, put that into the context of this book we are studying, and the returning King, and bridegroom, for his bride! And, then let us examine ourselves, and our local church, and take this book to heart. Let’s SPEAK back to Him words of praise, worship and love! Let us inhale the fragrance… of Him!

   Listen, His name is poured forth, as an ointment, and we better not defile it, or make it impure, or change the fragrance! Period. That little Shulamite girl is an inspiration to all of us, and this verse should wake us, and shake us! To close, read Ps. 45:6-8, and inhale, and tell me what you smell!  Pour forth, O Spirit! Pour forth!!! I need it!!!

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