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Time Unaccounted for Often Comes Back To Bite

March 29th 2016

Time Unaccounted for Often Comes Back To Bite

And it came to pass, after the year was expired, at the time when kings go forth to battle, that David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel; and they destroyed the children of Ammon, and besieged Rabbah. But David tarried still at Jerusalem. (2 Samuel 11:1 KJV)

This statement of truth is so true in the life of David.  He had spare time upon his hands because he chose to tarry.  To tarry means to dawdle unnecessarily.  David had responsibilities and situations that he needed to be busy about and personally involved in.  He chose instead to waste away precious time.

None of us, including David, have time that we are free to use as we like, or will be held unaccountable for.  We all will answer to God for our time or will receive just spiritual rewards and compensation for the spiritual breadth of our entire lives, every choice, every action, and every idle word spoken.  David lived as if had free time that he could do as he pleased, and he did just that!

David chose to please himself, rather than God, by being ruled by what his weak flesh desired.  It was that which his eyes took in, rather than that which was right and pleasing to God, that he chose to partake in.  David should have been serving alongside other valiant and brave men in the battle or personally involved in some royal fashion for the cause.

However, David chose to feast upon that which was on display right in front of him.  To waste time feeding his weak flesh rather than following the will of God for his life.  The time that he wasted David was accountable to God for, and it did come back to bite him in a big way.

One man, Uriah the Hittite was murdered, Bathsheba and David chose to commit adultery, a sick child died and Solomon was born.  Perhaps all these things would not have happened if David would have been occupying his time in the will of God rather than pursuing his own will.

No man can provide the answer to that question for certain.  However, God’s will was accomplished, despite any fleshly inspired choices he made.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearTime is precious and every second counts.  Our time is ultimately accountable to God and carries consequences or rewards in the eternal realm.

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