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Verbally Inspired Words

January 24th, 2018

Verbally Inspired Words

2 Samuel 23:2 (KJB) The Spirit of the LORD spake by me, and his word was in my tongue.

Do you know that God can choose to place words inside a man’s mouth?  David is speaking in this verse about God placing necessary words inside his mouth.  Does this sound impossible?  Nothing is too hard or beyond what God can do, then or now.

In the case of Elizabeth’s husband Zechariah, God chose to zipper his mouth closed, until the time of the birth of John the Baptist when God allowed him to again speak.

God can speak through a willing vessel, like Moses, Daniel, Jonah, and Paul who are spiritually acclimated to His will for their life.  A man of God called to preach wholly relies upon the Word of God to fill his pulpit with sound biblical preaching.

Yes, in ancient biblical times God caused certain scribes or men of God to be inspired for both speaking and recording His very words.  That is how we have the preserved and inspired, or God-breathed, Word of God to hold in our hand, study, and apply in our life today.

He divinely placed words in the mouth of a creature too.  Remember the talking donkey, Baalim?

God’s supernatural power can cause a man to divinely speak, be divinely silent, or even for a creature to have words, and for His Word to be recorded.  Today God has no new revelations to divulge to us, but in ancient times His Word was revealed for our divine use today and forevermore.

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