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Waxed Strong in Spirit

March 15th, 2018

Waxed Strong in Spirit

Luke 1:80 (KJB) And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his shewing unto Israel.

This short succinct verse has much to say about the time of maturing in John’s youth.  His growing and maturing years were spent in the desert.  Not the palace.

The growth of Paul (formerly known as Saul) who mingled with men of law, sprouting forth from the feet of Gamaliel, and on a day of God’s choosing, fell to his knees and was whisked onto new spiritual life which began blooming inside his heart on the Damascus Road.

The life of Moses began amid much darkness, culminated quickly into a river ride in a reed basket, and proceeded thereafter to the palace of the king, and then suddenly one day, after spending a great length of years in the palace, Moses began a life on the run because of a bout of uncontrolled rage which led to murder.

Josephs life began among his jealous brothers because he had the favor of his father and carefully tended to his sheep.  Joseph ended up in a pit at the evil-doing of his brothers and was left for dead, however, God’s plan was to place Joseph in the palace of the king and to reign over his siblings in a time of great famine.

Each child, then and now, must face various influencing seasons of life including times of growth, procuring spiritual knowledge, maturity, as well as times of falling face first into deep ditches of sin and left without hope apart from personally knowing God.  When a man or woman comes to the end of himself and realizes that he needs God’s divine power and presence, he then can be used as a vessel fit for God’s service.

It is never man’s philosophy or the politics of this world which will eternally influence his heart.  A man cannot become strong and spiritually tall without the supernatural power and presence of God at work in his life.  A personal relationship with God is vital.  Each one of these aforementioned biblical men’s lives were influenced and formed by the supernatural power and will of God at work through all seasons of life.

The real lesson here is that God can take any situation in our lives, no matter how dismal or delicate, from our youth, and turn it into a beacon of light all for His honor and glory.  Just think how He used the available lives of John, Paul Joseph, and Moses to reveal the truths of His Word.

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