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We Have A Law

January 2nd, 2020

We Have A Law

John 19:7 (KJB) The Jews answered him, We have a law, and by our law he ought to die, because he made himself the Son of God.

Isn’t it funny how modern laws are both viewed, used, and misused by lost and wayward hearts on this earth today?  Regulations are often interpreted to “fit the moment,” present personal opinions as fact, as a cover for sin, to fill a void that comes from unmet expectations, to restructure unexpected upheaval in circumstances, garner individual rights, and as an attempt to satisfy intense emotional storms and unrest at work in this world. 

Laws and regulations are often legislated and imposed against morality and in a battle against truths of God.

You see, common infatuation in enacting further regulations and protocols in this wicked world is nothing new.  This happened in ancient biblical times too.  Laws can be created and used as a weapon against good, to promote that which is evil, and to legislate opposition to God.  In other words, laws are often written by mankind to endorse and to encourage sinful behavior and suppressing truths of God.

So, you see this ancient evil king quickly got his underwear in a bunch when he heard what atrocities Jesus claimed as truth about Himself to the crowd gathered.  Undoubtedly, you know that Jesus Christ was busy about the will of His Father ministering TRUTH to many.  This revelation caused those who were in authority, including this king, to fret and fume at such a notion that Jesus was the Son of God as He professed.

This king used laws written by ancient men in an attempt to silence truths of God for renouncing the deity of Jesus Christ.  This dark spiritual tactic did not work in ancient times nor will it succeed against God today.  Jesus Christ is, and forever will be, the Son of God and nothing, especially manmade laws of the land, can repudiate, remove, or reject this timeless truth.

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