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Went Straight Forward

February 03, 2020

Went Straight Forward

Ezekiel 1:9 (KJB) Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward.

If you read verses Ezekiel 6-8, the preceding context will give greater context and meaning to verse nine above. Understanding the surrounding verses give us a more in-depth account.  These angels are nothing like we can even imagine in our limited perspective.  They were able to maneuver in all directions, for they had faces on each side of their head and wings attached on all sides, making any direction of flight possible.  In other words, these angels could go wherever they wanted.

An important thing to note is that even though they could fly in any direction, front, back, up, sideways, these angels chose to fly straight forward in one direction.  Stop and think about this for a moment.  They made no turns.  As you read associated verses nearby you will find these angels flew straight ahead as God directed. 

Wow, if only humanity would “fly straight” when God gives direction what a different world we would live in today.

However, we are not created to be like angels or to worship them.

These verses were inspired and recorded in a time when God was revealing the future to Ezekial.  There are parallel scenes found in the book of Isaiah and Revelation, as was penned by the Apostle John.  There is Apostle agreement among scholars of when and why these scenes from Heaven take place, but the message is one that God revealed, inspired, and recorded in His Word.

Though we cannot know or fully understand the meaning of this window into the future as was revealed concerning these angels to the prophet Ezekial, we can choose to read and study all scripture knowing it is divinely given by God for our learning and consideration and will one undoubtedly make perfect sense in eternity.

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