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When Berated and Bullied It Is Best to Bite Your Tongue and Bear it.

December 5th, 2018

When Berated and Bullied It Is Best to Bite Your Tongue and Bear it.

1 Peter 2:23 (KJB) Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously.

Placing your focus on God rather than harboring hate or when being hounded with hurtful words is a godly choice for a man or woman of God to make.  Only a man or woman who chooses to identify with God through His Son Jesus Christ can elect to live this kind of spiritual servant life, for doing so takes the fuel of faith in the work and supernatural power of God.

Living naturally in this world captures only the prowess and limited power of mankind.  A person is naturally weak and wobbly and often disappears at the first sign of trouble because his fire in the heat of battle is snuffed out quickly.  For a lost man, choosing to act out according to the hate spewing inside his heart is both cowardly and consistent with the actions of a hate-filled tormentor.  A lost man uses his weakness to bully and berate others rather than resting spiritually strong, quiet, and secure inside the power and purposes of God.

At the opposing end of the spiritual spectrum, God’s power and presence can keep a child of God standing tall and straight in any circumstance for he or she understands that hate-filled words and actions are not necessary for defending himself, for God always has his back!

Jesus Christ’s heart and mind were filled with unconditional love as His enemies bullied and berated Him.  Though His situation that day was spiritually horrendous, Jesus did not lash out with words or actions against His accusers, for He knew that God ultimately had the situation under His power and control.

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