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Who Can Stand in Front of God?

August 1st, 2018

Who Can Stand in Front of God?

Hebrews 10:31 (KJB) It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

What kind of reaction transpires in your heart and mind as you think about meeting God face to face one day soon?

Perhaps just thinking of meeting God fills your heart and mind with a sense of foreboding terror and trepidation?  For other individuals, pausing to think about the certainty of a future meeting with God brings them much anticipation and yearning which cannot be appeased by anything on this earth.

A man who is in right spiritual fellowship with God longs for the day he will finally meet God.  He cannot wait for the opportunity to enjoy sweet eternal fellowship with God.  Meeting God is the apex of the joy overflowing inside his new spiritual life.  A child of God can stand without humiliation in sweet fellowship with God forevermore.

However, any man choosing to exist disobediently, ignoring things of God, willfully living as if God was spiritually dead and dormant any such meeting is unthinkable.   At the end of their physical life on this earth, any such spiritually ignorant people will be filled with a captivating fear and great unease the moment he meets with God face to face.


Because this kind of person failed to have a proper fear and reverence for God as he lived and breathed on this earth.  Now all the things of God discounted and disregarded have been proven to be eternally true the very moment he lays his eyes on the reality of a living God from a bended knee amid the fires of hell forevermore.

The spectacular glory of the living God will be illuminated for all eyes to recognize, whether they are saved or lost at heart.  Every sincere child of God will meet Him face to face.  A child of the god of this world cannot have any such personal fellowship with God because of the presence of sin and will exist forevermore amid the flames of hell.

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