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Will Foolish People Ever Learn?

November 21st, 2016

Will Foolish People Ever Learn?

Psalm 94:8-11 (KJB)   Understand, ye brutish among the people: and ye fools, when will ye be wise?  9 He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? he that formed the eye, shall he not see?  10 He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct? he that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he know?  11 The LORD knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity.

God’s Word has much to say about fools and foolish living.  God has given mankind everything he needs to live a successful spiritual life on this earth and head in a heavenly direction at the end of his physical life.

There is no excuse or reason which can be offered for why many will end up in the fires of hell rather than in fellowship with God for all eternity.  God has plainly revealed the truth of the matter.

Ending up in hell is a choice man makes to live in enmity against God.

Ending up in eternity in fellowship with God is a choice man makes to be spiritually right with God.

One is living foolishly, while the other is living wisely.

God ultimately knows the spiritual condition of every heart.  God intimately knows why mankind makes the choices in life that he does because it all stems from the condition of his or her heart.

Mankind cannot become wise upon his death but must “wise up” while he is present in this world.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearGod formed each one of us, giving us eyes to see Truth and ears to hear the Truth and a heart to hold onto the presence of Truth knows a man has no available excuse for ignoring or suppressing the Truth in this life or for all eternity.


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