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Will You Profit or Burn

March 31, 2017

Will You Profit or Burn

Philippians 1:21 (KJB)   For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Christians should have a much different view of both life and death.

Paul was inspired of God to record in this scripture verse that living was about Christ and to die was to spiritually gain.

The natural man cannot possibly understand how he can profit in the moment of his death.  In fact, for many people death is perhaps considered quite a scary subject.  Frankly many lost people have no idea what to expect upon death.  Death is a place many tread lightly, or perhaps never approach discussion about at all.  Facing the death of a loved one or friend is an uncomfortable experience because for a short time it forces them to focus upon the reality of their own death, which can come at any time.

For the man and woman of God, physical death is anticipated in God’s perfect timing and represents the onset of their spiritual existence in the eternal realm.   It is a joyful time. It is not a stopping point or ending, rather physical death carries with it the assurance of a spiritual presence in the eternal realm.

It is receiving an eternal address with sweet fellowship with God.

The Bible tells us that physical death ushers the regenerated man and woman into the eternal realm in fellowship with God forever.  However, for those who do not possess a personal relationship with God, death is the beginning of their eternal existence amid the fire of hell forevermore which brings them, many more questions rather than solid answers.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearAre you living forever in fellowship with God upon your physical death?  Or facing the fires of hell for all eternity?  The choice is a personal one every person must make while living on this earth.

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