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Willing Servants

April 26, 2021

Willing Servants

Romans 6:18 (KJV) Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.

To lost folks, this short verse might sound a little strange, even hard to understand.  However, to regenerate hearts, it speaks about freedom and a natural willingness to serve God for souls who have the Spirit of God onboard their hearts.  To lost souls, the word servant or serving, as inside a personal relationship with God, conjures an idea of forced bondage or a master and slave relationship based on requirements rather than a personal eternal connection.

I hope you realize that God does not horse collar any person into fulfilling His will for their life.  A desire to serve God is something completely different than compelling or forcing slave labor, indeed!  A softened, regenerate hearted person desires to agree with God and to serve and savor Him.  Why?  Simply because God loves them unconditionally, and they love God in return without merit.  Such a grace-filled relationship operates on the fuel of faith and is simply out of this world!

Every sincere professing child of God enjoys fellowship with God. This relationship includes day-to-day, even moment by moment, or a spiritual approach to fulfilling God’s will for their lives.  This relationship is a natural reaction to the power and presence of God working in their life.

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