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Wisdom in Waterspouts

October 1st, 2019

Wisdom in Waterspouts

Psalm 42:7 (KJB) Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.

God controls the entire creation including the seas. A waterspout is a storm that rages upon the seas.  For lack of better terms, I would venture to describe it to be like a seawater-filled tornado spout that spins and encapsulates great wind with torrential water.  Not having seen one personally, I am sure my description is lacking important details and scientific depth but hopefully, you can get an idea of the mass amount of water washing over the Psalmist David who perhaps experienced firsthand such an intense storm and being able to recall for us with such descriptive words throughout this Psalm.

Likely not many of us would ever face a physical storm of this nature I am sure we each have had times when ever-swelling waves of life have threatened to overcome us,  wounding us, and knocking us to the ground in an all-out spiritual battle.  Certainly, each of us has faced a skirmish.  The finances are out of control, a major illness disrupts your sense of living normal, or an accident sidelines you for a time, or an unexpected death in your family occurs, or marital troubles are looming, and such brushes with death or other disruptions and distractions of life can continually pull at our flesh and work us into a frenzy threatening to overwhelm your quiet sense.  Before long if we are not mindful of our precious identity resting in Jesus Christ, we can quickly become spiritually wobbly and unsteady on our feet and allow ourselves to be overtaken in such bellowing waves of life.

In fact, Jesus told us in (John 16:33) to expect to face storms and spiritual confrontation as we sojourn on this earth.  It is in these harrowing and unpleasant times that a child of God can cozy up in his faith and utter prayers and praise as he matures even closer to God.  Tough times can be great stepping stones to applying new lessons and applications in life in growing through trials and troubles with God.

Yes, there are lessons to be found even in the midst of a waterspout.  Great wisdom and spiritual perception can be found in the storms of life if we hang onto God in prayer and praise.

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