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Words Come Easy

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer. (Psalms 19:14 KJV)

Words such as love, hate, and pray which are “power” words in God’s spiritual vocabulary used as supernatural tools in His work; often slide right out of man’s mouth in this world without much thought to exactly what has been said.  As man confesses love for another person or for an earthly thing, or promises to pray for a sticky situation one is caught up in, or for life changing event in another’s life, or giving voice to or exclaiming our hate towards another or for an adverse situation in life there is not influential power exerted in words lightly or irreverently employed by man who is governed solely by the god of this world.

Man often speaks on the fly expressing themselves with words that bypass around the brain when they are uttered; then come flying back around with the reality of what was said smacking us in the face!  All of us can relate to speaking first; realizing what we have said and wished we could reeled our words back into our mouth quickly because the words we chose were spoken lightly, out of turn, inappropriate, or revealed something better left unsaid and unheard by others.

Much adoration goes to God who did not speak lightly or softly, abandon any of His Word, or speak something He meant to do but never got around to accomplishing, nor did He speak in haste or without a perfect plan already in place to bring His words into action according to His will in this world and in the eternal realm to come. God did not merely utter powerless words.  God’s words were supernaturally empowered and inspired with real emphasis and meaning each and every time He spoke.  At the beginning of time God’s Words spoke creation into being giving each word He spoke great and lasting meaning forever.

Today in this world talk is often cheap.  Words like love, hate, and pray are spoken lightly, often without biblical meaning or providing little affection or comfort to our intended hearers.   Words often emanate from the mouth; tumbling out without haste, after the moment passes action behind the words are often sidelined, put on the back burner or lost in the shuffle of day to day life.  Man’s words are often like hot air deemed meaningless or without substance to those who hear them lightly spoken.  The book of James tells us much about our choice of words including that words often spill off man’s tongue unbridled and in the heat of the moment.

God’s Word has a lot to say about the word love making it an important biblical concept to give great credence and reverence to; not to simply shrug off or allow it roll off our tongue carelessly without meaning or with little thought in use of this word.  The world may lightly tell you it is love that makes the world go around but the truth is love in its most sincere form is what makes having an indwelling presence and eternal presence with God possible.  Love is what propelled God to sacrificially give His only begotten Son.  Love is the spiritual glue that held Jesus onto the cross shedding His blood in death for the sin of all mankind.

Hate and utter disregard for God and His Son Jesus Christ was brewing and bubbling up in this world.  This hate or enmity for the things of God is the vehicle which sent Jesus up to the hill towards Calvary; all in God’s perfect plan bringing prophecy to pass and finishing the work of victory over the sin debt of the entire world.  This supernatural event directed by God doused any lasting power in hate and evil in this world allowing His eternal and supernatural love to blanket His spiritual family in mercy, grace, and peace.

The world goes around and around not because of genuine love or fervent charity from God, but a “pseudo love” fueled by darkness and evil and emanating from the god of this world.  Satan desires to distort definitions by twisting words to enhancing confusion and contention in this world towards the Truth of God’s Word and towards mankind.

Mankind cannot begin to comprehend and spiritually digest the importance and truth contained in the biblically based meaning of the word love according to scripture.  Mankind will never be able to comprehend the great breadth of love that genuinely exists on this side of Heaven or so much more in the eternal realm.  Understanding will bloom and flourish upon crossing the threshold into the eternal realm both for God’s spiritual family and all mankind who will have all eternity to come to terms with the genuine godly meaning of these three spiritually important words: love, hate, and pray.

The comprehension for the word hate is often light and fluffy in this world.  Often hate is used to describe people or situations that are detestable according to standards which are loose and fluctuating in this world.  The world cried out with hate and disdain for Jesus in His last days physically present in this world; but for the first three years of teaching, preaching, and miracles many followed Him engaged in Him with eagerness and spiritual thirst.  Love was replaced by hate towards the things of God by a small crowd who grew larger and louder.

Jesus taught His disciples:

These things I command you, that ye love one another. If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. (John 15:17-19 KJV)

Jesus spoke these verses to His disciples shortly before His arrest and physical death upon the cross.  He did not say this command to love others to His disciples just once but three separate times shortly before His death making it of great importance to them; and of great importance to heed our lives today as well.  Jesus knew the opposing forces at work in this world would be increasingly filled with hatred and dissention causing all kinds of division and strife among men in this world.  Falling into an attitude of hate works to snuff out love among brethren and others and is not an attitude honoring or becoming to Christ.

Lastly, the word pray is taken lightly and used irreverently towards God.  Many people throughout your lifetime will say to you “I will be praying for you.” This statement sounds biblical but the god of this world always offers a dark spiritual counterfeit to the truths of God.  Praying does not always suggest the object of a person’s prayer is God but can be multiple gods this world serves used in an imitation of prayer but not directed towards The God in the heavens.

When man prays to God it is a direct spiritual communication line from our heart to God in heaven bringing to my mind the prayer Jesus lifted up to His Father in The Garden of Gethsemane accepting His will for death on the cross. A personal spiritual relationship based upon faith in thisshed blood of Jesus Christ with God must exist for the Holy Spirit to convene and circulate holy conversation via this holy conduit for a heart talk with God.  This biblical Truth rules out any probability that man who has no personal relationship with God can converse with Him in prayerPrayer is a spiritual conversation with those who have their spiritual ears quickened alive and are living in Him.  The true object of spiritual prayer from the heart is God of Heaven; He is never a participant in dark spiritual conversation of man.

Dark spiritual alternatives or routes of mock prayers are ineffective and cheapens the word pray to a mode of conversation that has no power or purpose other than it sounds good to offer for others who are hurting in this world.  The object or entity of our prayer makes all the difference.

Another important spiritual concept to keep in the forefront of your mind about prayer is that the supernatural conduit between God and man becomes congested with unconfessed sin.  Sin comes between God and man similar to congestion building in the chest makes it hard for a person to breathe freely.  Sin clutters the passageway from man to God making prayer ineffective or not efficiently heard by God because of the spiritual static dwelling in between God and man.


Are you using these words: love, hate, and pray in a supernatural and powerful way advancing the message of God?  Or in the cheap and ineffective way of the world adding to confusion and contention of mankind?

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