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Worry Does Not Assist Us in Standing Spiritually Tall

December 3rd, 2018

Worry Does Not Assist Us in Standing Spiritually Tall

Matthew 6:27 (KJB) Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

The size and strength of our human stature is limited by our natural abilities and growth rate.  There is no way a person can stretch himself into gaining or losing a few inches on his height.  He can, however, change the size of his waist and weight through changes in his diet.

A spiritual stance cannot be altered or changed by any man within his own self.  It is true, a man either stands tall and spiritually stout as he identifies with Christ.  Or he stands short in spiritual stature and remains lean in spiritual weight when identifying with the god of this world.  A spiritually lost man is tossed about by the many contrary winds at work in this dark world.

When speaking of a spiritual man, even adding even one cubit to his stature must come from God.  It is God that does the spiritual work inside a man’s softened heart.  Any works that a man attempts to do on his own in the name of God are subject to worry, anxiety, and to fade away when meeting with the testing and purifying fires of God.

Never does worry or anxiety assist a man or woman in standing tall with God.  It is only the work of God and for God that will remain standing in stature and aligned with the supernatural power and presence of Christ.  All other attempts involving self will fall dramatically short of God.

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