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Yes, A Holy God Does Divinely Love and Hate

December 28th, 2017

Yes, A Holy God Does Divinely Love and Hate

Romans 9:13 (KJB)   As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

Not only is the vast and unconditional love of God both misapplied and misunderstood in this world, but gravely so is His capacity to hate.  The whole essence of God includes both love and hate.  If you know a God who has only the ability to love then you have not comprehended the whole spiritual ability of God.

You see it is easy for God to love Jacob for he is a man after God’s own heart.  He is a godly man.  He identifies with the spiritual nature of God.  He desires to agree in his heart with the opinion of God.

Likewise, it is easy for God to hate Esau.  Why, because God cannot possibly love that which is solely wicked and dark.  He cannot accept as good what is considered sin.  He cannot receive and approve any notion or action which stands in opposition to His holy and righteousness nature.

Now please keep in mind that when considering both the lives of Jacob and Esau it is not godliness or wicked sin because I say it is so, or because another man calls it as such, but because it is considered as sin or goodness according to the perfect law of God.

Jacob chooses to identify with God

Esau chooses to identify with the god of this world.

Yes, there is always the presence and availability of the unconditional love and grace of God as long as a man resides in this world.  However, there is also the certainty of an unrepentant man facing the unhinged wrath of God as His spiritual hammer will fall upon the presence of all sin.

Jacob and Esau are walking in two opposing spiritual directions.  God cannot split Himself between two spiritual positions.  Since the beginning, God has set the divine standard and a man either chooses to agree with Him about sin and eternal consequences or he does not.  Both sides of this spiritual equation will face a certain eternal culmination, either found in spiritual fellowship with God or separated from Him forevermore.

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