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You Do Err

November 19, 2020

You Do Err

Matthew 22:29 (KJV) Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.

Jesus was speaking to a group of Sadducees.  These men did not believe in the resurrection.  Sadly, many lost and wayward hearts follow suit today, either discounting any biblical account.  Or in picking and choosing what they want to believe about God.  In ancient times, just like today, some sects and groups independently think and decide to disregard truths of God’s Word. 

Today, post-Calvary, we can hold the inspired Word of God in our hands and study it and apply it to our lives.  In ancient times men of God were lead to record the Word of God on animals skins or scrolls and for it to be read aloud to gathered hungry hearts, and such false teaching was rampant.

As you know, without the vital resurrection from the grave, Jesus Christ would not prove His power over life and death.  Jesus was quick to the point the error at work in the hearts of these ancient men in hopes that they would be sensitive to the leading of God, and understand, and apply Truth to their life.

Sadly, this error, among many others, is still reverberating among lost souls in this world.

I hope you are intimately familiar with the Word of God and not culpable in digesting errors concerning the Truth of God at work in this wicked world.  Allow God to work in your heart and mind, leading you in the way of His Truth and away from following the many lies of this world.

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