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You Might as Well Add Your Name

January 3rd, 2020

You Might as Well Add Your Name

Philippians 4:2 (KJB) I beseech Euodias, and beseech Syntyche, that they be of the same mind in the Lord.

It is recorded that these two women were admonished by the Apostle Paul for allowing their differences to get in the way of their spiritual relationships; among themselves and ultimately affecting their relationship with God and their church.  Though we do not know much personally about these women, the context of this short verse tells us much about the importance concerning condition of a mind towards the Lord.

What about you?  Isn’t it true that at times you and I can easily add our names to a current context of this verse if we are honest?  We have been here in difficult personal season a time or two.  We have all faced times when we have allowed our closely held preferences, opinions, and beliefs to circumvent the nature of Christ at work in us and permitted it to adversely affect our relationships with others and God.

It is so crucial for a child of God to set him or herself aside to God and apart from things of this world.  To make his or her life all about God rather than anything to do with self.  It is true, each of us must learn to stand on the truths of God despite the condition of our feelings and opinions.  We must realize that our flesh will always be poking us and prodding us to react by inserting our feelings, emotions, and personal preferences above truths of God as long as we are physically alive in our flesh on this earth. 

However, sincere hearted Christians are not led by their flesh.  They are directed by the eternal Spirit of God alive in their softened heart.  A genuine child of God agrees with God about the nature of sin and has put on the mind of Christ and desires to serve and savor Him in Spirit while he sojourns a short time in this wicked world.

Think like Christ, be like Christ, live like Christ.  This is the answer to avoiding needless arguments, disagreements, and problems in our human relationships in this world and ultimately in adversely affecting our eternal relationship with the Lord.

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